Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Rest From Controversy"

"My children,

I know you have tried to do what you thought would help Me.
I know you poured out your hearts and your gifts,
and I have received your love!
I am He who receives your heart
and I am He who does not reject you.

My children,

You have been rejected by your spiritual parents
because they have been rejected, too.
Your spiritual forefathers founded their house with rejection.
Rather than repenting of their errors,
they chose to save their own pride
and rejected Me and the simplicity of the gospel.

They created their own story, their own controversy,
and a list of 'truths' which they taught
as if they were My requirements.
Because they feared admitting their error,
they created a heritage of rejecting those
who did not conform to what they taught.

They rejected My messengers
and made a 'Christ' in their own image,
and they rejected their own children
who did not conform to their man-made image.
Each generation has attempted to embrace this 'controversy',
but has also struggled to become who I created them to be.

You have labored to please Me as you were taught,
and you have labored to please your spiritual parents.
Even thought the requirements they taught
you were tedious and burdensome,
you wanted to embrace what you were given
because you loved your spiritual family and you loved Me.

But I am not like the image they taught you;
I am not the author of their 'controversy'.
I do not need you to prove anything—
not to Me, nor to the world, nor to the universe.
I did not create you to live in this confusion.

Come, My children, come rest in the Cross.
I am well-pleased in you,
Come rest in My story
instead of in their controversy.
Come rest in the Son alone."

"Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear;
forget your people and your father’s house.
The King is enthralled by your beauty;
honor Him, for He is your Lord."

(Psalm 45:10-11)


Art: "Controversy"

Monday, May 14, 2012

"I Set You Free"

"I am the One who rescues you from your prostitution!
I am the One who sets you free!
You cannot set yourselves free by working harder!

"You have no power to leave your bondage,
and you have no other 'way'
but to let Me do the work for you.

"Come, let Me do the work for you.
Rest in Me and trust in My hand.
I will free you from your captivity."


Art: "Renewed"

"Greater In You"

"I am stronger than your hardness!
I am your root, and I am mighty to save.
I am He who overcame the world,
and I am He who lives within you.
I am He who overcomes the world
and who overcomes the evil one in you.
Because I overcame, you also will overcome.
I am He who began a good work in you,
and I am He who is faithful to finish it.
Trust in Me more than in your unchangeableness."


Art: "You Also Will Live"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"The Son's Writing"

"The names of My children are in the book of life,
not because they understand how to obtain My approval,
but because My Son is the One in whom I am well pleased.

"My children, put your confidence in My Son!
Rest in His righteousness.
Rest in His righteous acts and in His works on your behalf.
Let Me credit His deeds as your deeds,
for only His righteous works can cover your nakedness.
There is no other sure covering than the blood of My Son.

"Do not look to your own deeds to keep your name in the book of life,
for as your deeds could not write your name in the book of life,
neither can your deeds keep your name written there.

"My Son has engraved your name on His hands;
do not leave His hands by trusting your deeds.
Do not look to the book of deeds, but to the book of life—
My Son is your life!"


Art: "Yeshua My Shabbat"

Monday, April 16, 2012


"I am your peace—your place of rest
from temptation, confusion, struggle, and sin.

"Be still and know that I have redeemed you!
I have accomplished your sanctification on the Cross.

"Rest in what I have done for you, not in yourself.
When you need relief from the waves, look to Me."

"You are in Christ Jesus,
who has become for us wisdom from God—
that is, our righteousness,
holiness and redemption."
(1 Corinthians 1:30)

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Open to Me!"

"My children,

I know you believe that you can see,
and that you can see more 'light'
than others who call on My name.

Come, let Me touch your eyes, My children,
for you have not seen as clearly
as you have been told.

Come, ask Me to open your eyes.
Ask Me to remove any veil you may have.
Ask Me to lead you into all truth.
Ask Me to be the light of your world.

Ask Me to reveal to you
the glory of the new covenant."


Art: "Born This Way"

"The Whole Counsel of God"

"I am the wonder of heaven!
I am the glory of the Father!
I am the character and the heart of God!

"There is no other light
than Him who is the Light of the world.
I am the complete counsel of God.
I am the very Word of God.

"I am the gospel.
I am the good news.
I am He who has finished all the work
necessary for your salvation.

"Do not let anyone deceive you!
Do not be led astray by another gospel!"


Art: "The Kingdom of Heaven"