Monday, May 14, 2012

"I Set You Free"

"I am the One who rescues you from your prostitution!
I am the One who sets you free!
You cannot set yourselves free by working harder!

"You have no power to leave your bondage,
and you have no other 'way'
but to let Me do the work for you.

"Come, let Me do the work for you.
Rest in Me and trust in My hand.
I will free you from your captivity."


Art: "Renewed"

"Greater In You"

"I am stronger than your hardness!
I am your root, and I am mighty to save.
I am He who overcame the world,
and I am He who lives within you.
I am He who overcomes the world
and who overcomes the evil one in you.
Because I overcame, you also will overcome.
I am He who began a good work in you,
and I am He who is faithful to finish it.
Trust in Me more than in your unchangeableness."


Art: "You Also Will Live"