Thursday, December 29, 2011

"More Than His Righteousness"

"More Than His Righteousness"

"I am shaking your gods! I am shaking your gods! No other 'gods' will survive in the days to come, and none of those who worship at their altars will remain unshaken. I am the only Rock, and I am the only Unshakeable One.

"Many of you have built altars according to your own patterns and unto your own gods—even though you often call your gods by My name. In My grace and My love for you, I will allow all of these to be shaken violently so that you may rest in Me alone. Put your trust in Me instead of in the works and altars you have built in My name!

"Rest in My love for you even when your works are shaken apart in front of you. I will not shake anything that will be too much for you to lose, unless you choose to cling to it more than you cling to Me. If you allow My shaking to remove what is shakeable, you will find My hands at the end, and you will realize that what you had clung to before only kept you further from My touch and resting in My love.

"I am your only righteousness—do not put your trust in your works or what you have built in My name."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"It is Finished!"

"It is Finished!"

"I will be your calm in the storm. I will be your peace in tribulation. I will be the redemption of every thing that has been destroyed in you and taken from you. You can't see how I will redeem these things, but I want you to trust Me. Look to the cross! Look to what I have done for you for all eternity! It is finished! It is accomplished! Look! I have risen from the grave! I will redeem all things!"

Monday, December 19, 2011



"I have taken captivity captive!
All the things that have held you captive, I have broken through!
I am the One who rescues you.
I am the One who comes to set you free.
I am the One who takes you home to be with Me.
Look up! Look up and see!
I am your deliverance!"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Just Rest."

"Just Rest."

"Rest, rest in Me.
I am your true rest.
I am your peace.
You don't have to try to earn this or 'keep' this.
Just rest in Me.
I will keep you."

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Hear Me!"

"Hear Me!"

"Wake up, My sleeping children! I am calling you, I am calling you! I am calling you to wake up and come with Me, for you have slept long enough in darkness. Come with Me and learn of Me, and I will give you understanding and rest for your soul."

"Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you
great and unsearchable things you do not know."

- Jeremiah 33:3

"Which 'Testimony'?"

Which 'Testimony'?

"When the earth shakes,
when the waves roar,
when wars and wickedness increase in the world,
what will be your 'good news'?"

"The Tree of Life"

"The Tree of Life"

"I have called you to the tree of life—to the Cross of My Son, Jesus Christ. There is no other way to produce life and the works of love. The law cannot make you godly—it only brings you death. But what the law could not do, I did for you by sending My Son to die for your sins. Beholding His death you see not only the difference between good an evil, but you also see My love for you and My power that brings you out of darkness into the light of life.

"Come to the Cross! Come to life!"

"Come Forth!"

"Come Forth!"

"My children! My children! Come forth, My children! It is time for you to leave your shelter! I am calling you to step out of your place of comfort. Your boat is adrift and when I come to you, you often mistake Me for a false spirit. You are terrified of many things and cling to your boat for safety, but your boat is no safety at all. I am your only safety! Step out from your boat and as you do so, you will find Me there with you, walking above the waves. I will not leave you or forsake you."

"When Night Comes"

"When Night Comes"

"A time is coming soon when you will realize that much of what you had relied on was sand instead of rock. When these things which you thought were foundational are taken away from you, do not despair, for I have allowed your earthly kingdom to be removed so that you might see the light of My kingdom brighter. I am holding you and protecting you, bringing you through the night!"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"I Am Your Pasture"

"I Am Your Pasture"

"I am holding you up! I will not let you fall! I have called you out, and you have come at My command. Do not be afraid if you do not see others with you, for I am with you and will never leave you. Rest on Me. I am the pasture you seek, and I am the fellowship you need. You are not alone, for I am with you!"


Art link: "On Your Shoulders"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



"The Cross! The Cross! Everything you need has been accomplished for you at the Cross! I have finished everything necessary for your salvation! I have done everything necessary to bring you home to Me in heaven!

"Behold My Son crucified for you! I have declared to you My character in My Son crucified for you—I am love, and I love you! I have shown you My nature—I gave My Son to accomplish what you could not, in order to have you for Myself forever! My character is this: I love you so much—even though you are imperfect—that I gave you My Son to be your perfection for you!

"You have been delivered from your sins—on the Cross!
Believe! And I will take care of the rest."


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Friday, August 12, 2011

"Called Out"

"Called Out"

"My children, I've gathered you together for this time. You don't know and are not able to see what I am doing, but I want you to know that it is not by chance that you have come together. I am with you and I am in you, and when you are together I am in your midst. Seek Me. Come together and wait on Me. I will bind you closer together and I will pour out My heart to you. In the same way I have brought you together, I have also brought together many others, whether you can see them or not. You are not alone!"


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Held By Trustworthy Hands"

"Held By Trustworthy Hands"

"My child, I know that you want to give Me all of yourself. I know you want to surrender to Me completely and give me your whole heart. I know that you try. I know you are trying, and I know how far you feel. I know how far you feel from Me, and I know how frustrated you feel because you think you should be able to try harder to be close to Me.

"My child, trust in My hold on you instead of your hold on Me. I am stronger than you are. I will not let you fall. I hold you close to Me, and I bring you closer to Me. Rest here in My arms. There is nothing better that you can do than to rest in Me and trust in My hold on you. You don't need to try to get closer to Me; you need to rest and know that I already am close to you.

"In the same way, give Me your heart and leave it in My hands. You can give Me only so much of your heart. You are not able to surrender it fully. Only I can do that for you, and it is My job, not yours. As long as you focus on the degree or 'success' of your own surrender, you will feel far from Me and worry about falling to the ground. Choose to rest in Me instead."


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Friday, August 5, 2011

"Free Indeed!"

"Free Indeed!"

"My dear children,

"When I told you that the truth would set you free, I did not mean that you have to convince yourself to like 'the truth' and be happy about it. I did not mean that you have to pretend to enjoy what is actually heavy to you. I did not mean that you have to smile and say you're doing fine when really inside you can't stand being fake.

"If the 'truth' tells you that you need to dress up and wear a smile, then it's not My truth. It's not Me. I would rather roll down grassy hills with you! I don't want your performance. I just want to be with you, and I want you to be free. Being with Me is your freedom, not learning a lot of 'truths' or laws or ways to behave.

"Come, be free."


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Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Hallowed Above Me"

"Hallowed Above Me"

"I am right here! I am waiting for you, but you are waiting for Saturday! And when Saturday comes, you praise the day, thank Me for it and sing about it. You rejoice in Saturday, and if someone finds Me you wait to rejoice until you've found out whether they've accepted Saturday or not. My people seek to tell the world about Me and what I did on the Cross, but you seek to tell them about Saturday!

"Come out of the shadows! I am waiting for you! Come out to the substance—to Me! I am the Sabbath-rest, and in Me your sun will never set."


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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Veiled Beholding"

"Veiled Beholding"

"I know you are trying to focus on Me and My righteousness. I know you want to make it all about Me in your church. But the very fact that you have to go to so much effort to make it all about Means that it is not all about Me in your church. The fact that you have to evangelize My righteousness to each other so much means that My righteousness has not been the center of your church.

"I know you want to believe that your church has always been centered on Me, but the reality is that your church has been confused from the very beginning, and the confusion in its foundation has made it difficult to see Me and what I accomplished for you on the Cross.

"And even now, although you've begun to see Me through the veil, you're still afraid of taking off the veil. You're afraid of admitting your church's confusion, the conflict inside between its teachings and the gospel, and of recognizing the truth which will take away your pride and boast. You're afraid to disrobe.

"You can choose whether you will behold Me clearly or darkly as through a veil. Call out to Me and ask Me to remove any veils keeping you from beholding Me. Lay your pride on the altar."

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Cardboard God"

"Cardboard God"

"Who are you fooling, My children? Look at the image you have made with your hands—your invented beliefs and created doctrines! I am not in it! I am not found by creating doctrines, but you have built a package of beliefs and said, 'Behold, the Lord!'

"Time and time again I have called out to you, and I have sent My prophets to call you to wake up and repent. But you have wrapped and re-wrapped your package of beliefs to nullify or include My cries to you as part of your package, instead of turning from your idol to Me instead.

"How can I leave you, My children? How can I give you up to the darkness you have chosen to sit in? For in trying to fit Me inside your box, it is you yourselves who have placed yourselves into a box! How can I let you stay in the shadows when I gave My Son on the Cross to give you everlasting light?

"I will allow the wind, the waves and the water to sweep away your box, and then you will see that the beliefs you created are but cheap cardboard. I will hold out My hand to you, calling to you once again, so that you will not be swept away. But will you admit that your doctrines have been mere cardboard, repent and let Me save you by My hand? Or will you be swept away trying to gather and put back together the pieces of your package?"


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Held By Dark Hands"

"Held By Dark Hands"

"Grief! Grief! My heart breaks for you, My children! I have valued your hearts and your faith above all other treasures in the earth, but you have given your hearts and your faith to beliefs that abuse you. I created you for joy and freedom, but and your hearts have been beaten and abused by legalism, and your faith has been uncertain because it was begun by your spiritual forefathers in error and confusion.

"How long will I allow you to be abused? How long will I let your hearts be mishandled by malevolent spirits? How long will I let them bring destruction and confusion into your lives?

"Hear Me, lying spirits and strongholds of darkness: I will rescue My sheep from you, and I will tear their hearts away from your hands. Their faith I will direct to the water of life instead of to your lies, and so My children shall have My rest instead of shadows and confusion."

Friday, June 17, 2011

"Grace From Outside"

After reading "Dying City", a sister in Australia was reminded of a vision that the Lord had given her in April 2003...

I saw a fortified stone castle-village, surrounded by a dry moat, standing in isolation in the middle of a bare brown plain. The drawbridge was down and a horse-drawn cart approached from the distance, crossed the drawbridge and entered the castle grounds. The cart was covered with straw, and there was a small keg of alcohol of some kind hidden underneath the straw. Some people from inside the castle took the keg away with them and presumably consumed it.

After some time had elapsed another cart approached carrying a very large keg of red wine. This keg wasn’t hidden from view, so it was no secret that it was entering the castle grounds. The people inside the castle were in the middle of a drought and water was a really scarce commodity. They gathered around the cart hoping that the keg contained water.

They were disappointed when they found out it contained red wine and not water, but their thirst was so great by this time that there was a discussion about whether or not they should drink the wine anyway—because of their great need for liquid of some kind.

Some argued that drinking wine was something they’d never been allowed to do, and they were very fearful of what might happen if they drank it. However, it was a really difficult decision, because they knew that if they didn’t have SOMETHING to drink, then they all would soon die.

Some of the more desperately thirsty people decided to try it out, and they found to their amazement that once they poured the wine out of the keg and into a cup, it was transformed into water. The suspicious crowd watched them carefully as they drank it and finally decided that it didn’t seem to have any adverse effects. They were less fearful of it now that it appeared to be water—something that they recognised and trusted. The people who were drinking it were instantly refreshed and turned beaming faces towards the crowd and urged them to try it for themselves. When the rest of the people realised that it appeared to be safe enough to drink, they all gathered around the cart to ask for some of the life-giving “wine/water” for themselves.

Because the drought was still in progress, the castle people eagerly looked forward to the arrival of another cart carrying this wine/water to them. Because the cart came from a distant place, they had to wait a long time before the next load arrived. Eventually deliveries seemed to become more frequent and then at regular intervals so that the people living in the castle began to knock down the castle walls in various places so that they could build extra drawbridges to accommodate the arrival of all these carts which eventually came from all directions. From an aerial view the castle now looked like the hub of a wagon wheel, so that the trails made by the constant approach of the carts formed the spokes of this wheel.

House of Seventh-day Adventism,
if you have ears to hear,
hear the word of the Lord!

"O thirsty people! How long will you continue to remain in your fortress of drought? How long will you wait to drink the water of life that I have been trying to give you ever since you founded your city?

"At the time of your foundation, your spiritual forefathers secluded themselves and reaped disappointment from their mistakes. Then, when they were most vulnerable, a lying spirit entered through the open gates. What seemed to be strong doctrines for building the foundation of your church were brought in—but they were only straw and stubble, and hidden underneath was a toxic, spiritual poison, which your forefathers drank, and which would pass down to their spiritual children and granchildren.

"The poison they consumed has brought drought and spiritual famine, for the water of life in My words becomes scarce when you drink from the spirit at the bottom of doctrines made of straw. But after time, many among you have begun to realize that you have been dying of thirst for the life found in My grace, and so the words of My grace have come in from Christian churches outsided of Adventism.

"At first it was inconceivable that something coming in from outside your church might bring life, and so you were suspicious because you had been strictly taught to refuse such drink 'from outside'. But when My grace was poured into your cup—into the container of your church—I allowed it to appear as something you would accept, as something that did not threaten the way of life you had chosen (even though it had only brought you drought). It was diluted, but even in its diluted power My grace has been able to bring joy to many among you and cause others to desire the same refreshing joy.

"And so the deliveries of My grace have become life that sustains you in your drought, in your isolated fortress. You have begun to unconsciously look outward—to mainstream Christianity—for life-sustaining deliveries of My grace and My word of life. Some of you have even begun trying to knock down parts of the walls of division your forefathers put up to protect you from mainstream Christianity. And I have continued to send many 'deliveries' of the word of My grace to sustain you, because I love you so much.

"But as long as you remain in your castle and drink from the poison of the spirit in your straw doctrines, your drought cannot completely end. You can continue to receive life from outside your walls, and you can knock down parts of your walls as best as you know how to better allow My grace to come to you from outside your church, for I am faithful and loving to respond to your thirst by sending you words of My grace from outside your walls.

"Yet I long to give you so much more! I long for you to come forth! I long to draw you out of your drought forever. I long to bring you more than deliveries—I long to bring you to My house of wine, to set you at My banquet table where you may drink your fill and rest under the banner of My love, without fear of drought or lack of water ever again.

"Will you stay in the land of drought? Or will you come forth to a land where the mountains drip with new wine, where the hills flow with milk and the ravines run with water?"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Even Though It Dies..."

"Even Though It Dies..."

"My precious child, My faithful servant,

"I know it is hard for you watching your church organization fall. I know you weren't involved in all the rotting parts that made it collapse. I know you tried to center and establish it on Me. I know it is hard for you to understand and accept that the foundation had rotted from the very beginning, and that nothing could be done to keep the structure standing.

"I know your heart, and I want you to know that your heart has not been spent in vain. You have served Me well and I am proud of you. Even though things rotted around you, I have worked through you and loved people through you. I know you are saddened and hurt by the falling of the mighty tree of Adventism, but I promise you that I am not through with you. I saw this day coming, and I am not limited in your life because of what has collapsed. It may be hard for you to see now, but My work never has depended on the institution. Let Me be your structure from now on.

"I will bring life out of what has died. Do not be afraid of letting the ministry you had in Adventism die. Do not hurt yourself by trying to lift it back up to stand in its former way, because it is finished. If you allow it to die and finish, I will bring life out of its death for you and for those you are called to love. But if you try to keep the fallen tree alive, you will only injure yourself in vain.

"None of the work you have given Me from your heart has been in vain. What has been done in Me will live, even though it dies. And what was not living will not need to be resurrected, but its death will allow life to come to places that have not known it before."

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

- John 12:24

See also: "The Fallen Tree" (art link)

"Brought Out"

"Brought Out"

"To Adventists, pastors, teachers, parents and administrators:
—after the exposure of the Adventist foundation—

"I know you are upset and feel guilty because you believed and taught error instead of the truth. What seemed like a strong, holy temple is now exposed to you as darkness and confusion.

"I love you, and I have waited long for this day—when I have brought you out of a temple of darkness and confusion—so that I may have you all to Myself!

"Do not be afraid, for I am leading you to rest in My love for you. In the same way I will lead to Me those you had taught the errors which had been taught to you."


See also: "My Bride"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Carried Away"

A sister in Texas sent me this dream last week:

I was standing with some people on a building and we all had a sense that something drastic was about to happen. A man was given a white folded piece of paper on card stock (thick heavy paper) and was told he would need to give it to someone. In a few moments everything around us crumbled—all the buildings just began to disintegrate and simultaneously a flood came in and began washing it away. (The water was not causing the destruction—just washing it away.) The man then was floating on the water in a metal inverted cone (kind of like an upside down Asian straw hat). The water became fierce and boiling and rushing fast, but he stayed afloat and never lost the paper. The water was carrying him to wherever the paper was supposed to be delivered.

In the next scene I was on dry ground and everything had changed. There were a few people I knew standing there, and a few remnants of buildings, but there was a deep sense of loss. I realized my oldest son was gone and I began to weep so deeply. I felt this huge void of losing someone who was so precious, unique, and IRREPLACABLE... it seemed like a loss that could never be compensated for. I have never lost anyone in my immediate family (can't fathom losing a child)—but this maybe is what it feels like—I don't know. In my dream I had no sense of an afterlife, or of God. All I could sense was the loss ... so final.


You boast,
"...When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by,
it cannot touch us,
for we have made a lie our refuge
and falsehood our hiding place."

Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says:

"See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone,
a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation;
the one who trusts will never be dismayed.
I will make justice the measuring line
and righteousness the plumb line;
hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie,
and water will overflow your hiding place will carry you away."

- Isaiah 28:15-19
Something drastic is about to happen: the "city" of Adventism is about to disintegrate, collapse, and be swept away. As the waters rise (figuratively), just as people in northeastern Japan took refuge from the tsunami on the roofs of buildings, many Adventists will seek refuge in the "high places" of Adventism, believing that they will be a safe place. But the danger is not the water, but rather the buildings—the spiritual foundations and structures of Adventism. They were designed badly and have been rotting inside for a long time. Adventism was actually designed to collapse from the very beginning by its architect—a spirit that wants people crumble with it and to be swept away.

The man represents many Adventists who will try to hold onto belief in Adventism. Yes, they will see that it collapsed and its foundations did not hold, but they will feel that the previous generations & forefathers in Adventism had passed them something special, something of valuable worth. But they're not sure exactly what, only that it is important and they must pass it onto other people. (This is the card-like folded white paper.) Some of them will clutch this vague sense of purpose, mission and specialness even harder as they see the "city" of Adventism washed away. They will feel that the time has finally arrived and God must be sending them to go evangelize to people, to gather the remnant, to begin the true revival, etc. They will float further and further away from the only safe place, the only foundation—
Jesus Christ.

The inverted metal cone is stainless steel—polished to look spotless and strong. It is the "lifeboat" that Adventism has been preparing for the end times, which in theory is supposed to hold many people, and to which the faithful Adventists believe they will call the world to come into. But they will only become further and further isolated instead, not reaching out to other survivors of the collapsed city (although they will still be clutching their special purpose and 'mission').

The truth is that the cone is actually a funnel—it has a hole in the bottom! The lifeboat of Adventism meant for the end times has no foundation; it is a boat with a big hole in the bottom, not built on Christ. (Today, because there are so many people in Adventism, it is sometimes hard to see "the bottom" of things, that there is a hole instead of a foundation of solid rock.) But in fact, the only reason that the "city" and "building" of Adventism has not collapsed until now is because of God's mercy. The building would not have stood this long if God had not been sovereignly protecting His beloved children in Adventism from the deadly construction of Adventism itself.

Yet even after the collapse, He will sovereignly protect many of those who cling to the Adventist "lifeboat", because He is not willing that any of these children of His should be lost. He will do this to let us see them so that we may pray for them, intercede for them, and perhaps pull some of them to safety. Without prayer and intercession, they will cling to what they were handed and not know that they are being carried away.

"Is not Ephraim My dear son,
the child in whom I delight?
Though I often speak against him,
I still remember him.
Therefore My heart yearns for him;
I have great compassion for him." (Jeremiah 31:20)
God's heart for Ephraim (meaning the northern kingdom of Israel) has parallels because Ephraim's problems were similar to Adventism's. They also tore themselves away from the foundation and tried to set up their own system. Ephraim adopted some genuine Levitical rules but mixed them with general paganism to make a syncretized faith, which at its core was founded on rebelling against God. When the northern kingdom's first king became afraid that all of his people would return to the house of Judah, he created a new syncretized religion to keep from losing what he felt he had gained.

In the same way, the early Adventists feared losing the following they had gained in the Millerite movement, and so in rebellion formed their own faith with a mixture of genuine Christianity and their own ideas (a mixture which persists to this day). The institution was built in rebellion, and it remains in constant vigilance against its people returning to Christianity. Adventism was built with its founders' fear of losing all they felt they had gained.

The dream's second scene is God calling to all of us who can see what is happening: He wants us to share His heart! Most of the "buildings" of the "city" of Adventism will be swept away, but some parts will remain because there is real faith in many people, and some will flee to the true foundation (where the sister is also standing in the dream—on dry ground). Just as she grieved as if for the loss of her oldest son, that is exactly how God feels about His children in Adventism who will cling to it and so be carried away from Christ. Just as she felt she had lost someone so precious, so unique and so utterly irreplacable, in the same way God is wanting to give us His heart for Adventists, because He sees each one of them as so precious, unique, of infinite worth and completely irreplaceable! God loves them so much!

"Oh, that My head were a spring of water
and My eyes a fountain of tears!
I would weep day and night
for the slain of My people." (Jeremiah 9:1)
God is giving us a glimpse of the grief of His heart for the people of Adventism who will cling to it and may be utterly swept away because of it:

To Adventists, He says:

"My children, My precious children! How can I give you up? How can I let you go? How can I let you be swept away? But you would not have it any other way! Let go! Do not cling to what has been handed to you, but cling instead to Me! I have protected you from collapse and from being utterly swept away until now because I love you so much, but how long will I sovereignly plug up the hole beneath you? How far away from Me will you go? My arm is not too short to save, but what will happen in the end if you continue to cling to your pride and rebellion instead of clinging to Me?"
To former Adventists, He says:

"My children, My precious children! Can you feel My heart aching for My children in Adventism? Can you receive the grief I want to share with you from My heart? Will you weep with Me? Will you mourn with Me? Or will you stand back and shake your head at how foolish they were? Until now many of you have paid more attention to the 'building' of Adventism than to the people of Adventism. Many of you have paid more attention to the doctrines of Adventism than you have to the hearts of Adventists; you have attempted to dismantle doctrines of the mind instead of caring and ministering to hearts.

"But I have not sent you to dismantle doctrines; I have sent you to care for hearts. The doctrines will collapse on themselves and will be washed away even as they collapse, but I do not want hearts to be swept away! Begin now to ask Me to receive My heart—My breaking heart—for My precious, irreplacable children in Adventism, and I will use you to help rescue My precious children from being swept away. I would grieve if they are lost. Would you grieve with Me? Would you share My heart?"

"Dying City"

"Dying City"

"Repent! Repent! Cry out to the house of Adventism—Repent! Everything that has been concealed shall be disclosed; everything that can be shaken shall be shaken.

"When you were young you rejected My words and left the assembly of My people. You wandered far and wide from My foundation until you wholly isolated yourselves from My people. There you built your own foundation and grew into a mighty city. You boasted of your size and success, saying, 'Surely this is the city God has blessed above all others.' You built your walls high to defend yourselves and to keep your children from leaving.

"But your house has not been a shelter from the heat of the world, though under its ever-changing sky you have whitewashed your walls to appear fresh and strong. Inside you have all been dying for lack of water, but still you defend your walls, maintain your rebellion and imprison your children.

"For their sake and for yours, I will flood your city and it shall be swept away. Water will overflow your hiding place and your refuge of lies will collapse—so that your people may once again see and flee to the safety of My foundation. I will rescue your children, but will you yourselves consent to be saved?"

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Made Perfect"

"Made Perfect"

"My sons and My daughters—My children:

"I am bringing you home! All of your hopes which have seemed so distant and far away have not been in vain, but shall come to pass. I will restore what has been lost. I will reunite those who have been parted. I will bring you to paradise.

"Do not be afraid, for I have been pleased to give you the Kingdom, and you have the Kingdom, even today! Do not be afraid to be certain about 'getting to heaven', because I have already put the Kingdom in you, and in Me you are already seated with My Father in heaven. Do not be afraid of not becoming 'perfected' on earth, for the only ones I have called 'perfected' are those who have left life on earth behind and come to be with Me.

"Behold, your heaven is certain! I am your eternal life, and you who believe on Me have crossed from death into life. I am your heaven, and when you have left behind your tent you will see Me in perfection. When you see Me as I am, I will perfect the faith I began in you and I will burn up the chaff with the unquenchable fire of My love for you.

"I am the God of the living: all are alive to Me whether they are in the body or away from the body. Those whose bodies sleep await the resurrection, just as all of creation awaits its renewal. But none who sleep await the salvation of their souls, for they have already been saved by My grace through faith. I authored their faith and I am the one who perfected their faith in Me—the perfect sacrifice who clothes them, by whose blood they have been made holy.

"My perfect ones are not those who perfected themselves, but they are children who came to Me as children, hailing Me as their Savior. I am He who only asked for mustard seeds, and I am He who calls My precious jewels home to Myself when their time on earth has finished.

"I am the keeper of your soul, and I am the keeper of the souls of sinners who have been made perfect and see My face today in paradise. I am He who receives the spirits of those who fall asleep in Me, and has not lost any that My Father has given to Me. I am He who clothes them today with My own heavenly dwelling until the time comes for them to be clothed with their own heavenly body, like My own.

"I am He who keeps in the shelter of My tent those who have left their own tent behind on earth. I am He who spreads the corner of My robe over you and calls you to forget your own house, your own tent, and by faith dwell in Mine. I am He who keeps in safety those who have been made perfect and those who are being made perfect, for by My sacrifice on the Cross I have already made them perfect once for all."


See also: "A Spirit of Life" and "Spirit" (study)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Your Sins Have Been Condemned!"

"Your Sins Have Been Condemned!"

"My child, I know how well you can see your sins. I know how guilty you feel for every temptation you have. I know how overwhelmed, helpless and powerless you feel in sight of them.

"Do not be afraid! I have purchased you on the Cross, and you are Mine! Though your sins seem about to overwhelm you, in fact it is I who have already overwhelmed your sins! They are no longer your 'bottom line'.

"Now, the truest 'you' is in Me, whole, clean and pure. You are a new spirit in Me, and your sins are no longer 'you'. So don't focus on them and don't let them get you down. They may seem overwhelming, but you will not overwhelmed because My blood shed on the Cross stands between you and your sins.

"Live in knowledge of this."


See also: "Condemned!" (art link)



"My child, I haven't called you to represent My sinless perfection, but to be filled with My Spirit! You cannot represent My perfection, nor would it 'win' people to Me even if you could; it was not My perfection which drew people to Me, but My love and My grace. I am calling you to share in My freedom and share in My joy. Only as you truly rest in My freedom will people see Me in you. So come, rest in Me! Be free!"

Monday, June 6, 2011

"My Perfect Beloved"

"You are My perfect beloved! You are My perfect child. You are beautiful and I'm so proud of you!

"Do you know why you're perfect to Me? It's not because of how well you perform or act like Me. It's not what you do that makes Me happy:

"It's who you are! You're My child! I love you because you're Mine!

"You don't have to worry about making Me unhappy—I didn't adopt you because I expected you to perform well for Me!

"There are no special rituals or observances that will make Me happier witih you, and there are no special requirements you can fail to meet that will make Me unhappy with you. I met all the requirements for you so that I could have you!

"Come, live in My arms. Live in My love."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"A Dangerous Choice"

Last night I dreamt that a mother brought her child to me so I would pray for deliverance. I was in the basement of a house—not dirty or dark at all, but comfortable and simple. The child was about junior high school age. I prayed and spoke to them about being deceived—that if you want, God will bring you out. But if you don't want it, it's your choice. Without waiting for the child to understand or choose, the mother said firmly, "That's right!" She then took the child by the hand and they went up the stairs together to leave.
The child represents many Adventist people. The mother represents the spirit that was guiding Ellen White and the founders of Adventism. The time is in the days after the foundation of Adventism has been shaken to the core. In the dream I (Ramone) represent Christians (non-Adventist) whom Adventists come to for answers.

The shaking will lay bare the institution's foundation, and will also reveal things about the founders which will destroy faith in them. In turn, after realizing they were deceived, many Adventists will question "the Bible", "Christ" and "God" in general, wondering if everything was a lie. Some of them will go to Christians (who dwell in the true foundation—the simple truth of Christ) thinking that they are following their own thoughts and questions, but they will not realize that they are being led by a spirit.

The spirit that guided Ellen White and the founders in building Adventism is not interested in Adventists actually finding the truth, nor is the spirit even interested in re-establishing Adventism (after its foundation has been torn) or leading them into a new kind of Adventism. From the beginning the spirit orchestrated the building of Adventism's house on sand, and set its people and future generations up for a great painful fall—a fall so painful it would lead into complete unbelief, bitterness, anger and rejection of God.

The spirit ("mother") in the dream is not interested in the child's "deliverance" at all. The spirit only takes the child there to get the Christians to say something, and then the spirit says, "I told you so!" as a confirmation of what the spirit had been telling the child beforehand. (This is in keeping with the spirit's pattern in Ellen White's ministry and in Adventist history—the spirit affirms just a little real truth but credits itself with it, and has the ultimate purpose of leading people away from the true foundation to wherever it wants to take them.)

The spirit has brought the people here not to find real truth, but to confirm the ideas it's been whispering to the Adventists who have just discovered that they had been deceived all their lives. First the spirit built up the peoples' faith in Adventism because it knew that no foundation built on sand would survive. Its ultimate purpose has been to prepare a generation for spiritual slaughter—to build them up so high that when the house collapses it will be a harder fall and will break them so badly that they'll never want to enter any kind of spiritual 'house' again, that they'll never want anything to do with faith, Christ or God again.

The lie that the spirit whispered while Adventism's house still stood was that you can be safe with the proper information—if you know the right things, then you will not be deceived, you will not be hurt. When Adventism's house is shaken and its foundation exposed, people may leave the 'house' ("Adventism") but the spirit and its lie do not necessarily leave them. The first thing many will do will be to find as much information as possible so as to prevent being hurt and deceived again. Of course some of this is natural and good, but there is often a spiritual root in that need for information, in that subconscious belief that we can protect ourselves from deception (and basically save ourselves) through right knowledge.

The spirit has been whispering to countless generations of Adventists,

"The only way to prevent being deceived in the end is to study hard and gain enough knowledge so that you aren't fooled!"
Effectively the spirit taught Adventists that you need to save yourself, that your salvation is up to you and depends directly on how zealous you are in pursuing knowledge. In the same way, after Adventism is shaken, the spirit will speak to some Adventists quietly, saying,

"You were deceived by Adventism because you didn't study hard enough, and the only way you'll ever be safe from being hurt like that again is if you get all the facts straight this time!"
The spirit built up reliance on knowledge; the point that felt 'safe' about Adventism was its claim to have more truth than any other church, and that it claimed to know about the end times and how to survive them. Through "Sabbath" it claimed to know how to be pleasing to God more than any other kind of Christian. Through the "State of the Dead" teaching Adventism claimed to have a stronger safeguard against being deceived by evil spirits. Knowledge was king, and assurance was found in having more knowledge. The reality of God Himself wasn't as important as getting all the facts correct about Him. It wasn't so important to actually seek God Himself; instead the important thing was learning the 'right' information about God (and His 'truth') that the church contained.

When people come out of Adventism with the pain of being deceived still stinging hard, the natural reaction will be to get smarter so that never happens again. For many people this will not include seeking God Himself, but rather seeking more information. It's not a change from seeking "false" to seeking "true", but rather a change from seeking "false" to seeking "something not false". But the truth is a Person—Christ Himself—and seeking truth means seeking Him, not mere information about Him. It means taking the risk of faith. And that's the last thing many people are going to want to do after being burnt so badly by Adventism.

And that is what the spirit (the 'mother') in the dream was preparing her child against. The spirit built up Adventists' reliance on knowledge and having all the information laid out in front of you. So after Adventism is shaken, the spirit tells people,

"You need the right knowledge—solid proof—laid out in front of you so that you won't be deceived and hurt again. But Adventism was so much more thorough and intellectual than other churches—they are not going to be able to lay everything out for you; they're going to tell you to 'seek God' because they themselves don't have answers, and they're afraid of the real answers."
In the dream I, the Christian, responded correctly but exactly as the spirit had prepared the child for. I said, "It's your choice", meaning that if you want God to rescue you, you need to want Him to. You need to call on Him and ask Him, not just stand back with arms folded waiting for Him to "prove Himself" to you before you risk having faith in Him. Calling upon Him naturally seems to involve risk—what if He doesn't answer? We want to know that we won't be calling into the air hoping for something that doesn't exist, because we're terribly afraid of being hurt again, of being deceived and lost.

The spirit takes advantage of that fear and fresh pain, and as shown in the dream, it prepares people to react against the truth that having faith means taking an apparent risk. The spirit will say to these Adventists, still smarting from the pain of realizing Adventism's deception,

"See? You knew it! These Christians are setting themselves up to be deceived just like you were in Adventism. They say 'Seek God!' because they don't have answers. They're in as much danger as you were in Adventism. They're just as deluded as you were, probably even more because Adventism was more intellectual than they are."
And so in the dream the spirit takes the child by the hand, before the child has even been able to make a choice to ask God for deliverance, and the child is led by the spirit out of the basement and house, away from the foundation of Christ.

"A Dangerous Choice"

The Lord says,

"My children,

I know you are afraid. Don't be too proud to admit that you have been hurt and are terrified of being hurt again. It's okay. It's natural and I don't condemn you for wanting to have a path of solid rock underneath your feet. I know you want to have everything made plain to you. I know you want to see all the facts and know all the knowledge. I know how much you don't want to fall and be hurt again.

I know how terribly afraid you are of calling to Me for help and stepping out in faith right now. You don't want to be deceived again! You're not sure of Me, and you're not even sure of the 'truth' you do seem to understand underneath your feet. Calling to Me in faith seems like walking into a waterfall on slippery rock right now. You're not sure I'll answer, and you don't want to be swept away.

I know you are afraid to trust Me, but I am the only way. If you stay where you are, it is no place of safety. Avoiding 'belief' is no safeguard against deception at all, just as the 'state of the dead' doctrine in Adventism was no safeguard against being deceived by the spirit that spoke to Ellen White. I am the only place of safety, and I am the only place you will find rest from your fears of being deceived again.

Do not listen any longer to the spirit which says that more information will keep you safe from deception. Listen instead to Me, and call out to Me to help you. Yes, I want you to choose to call out to Me. But even if you can't find enough faith to call out to Me, ask Me for even that! Ask Me for faith to have faith in Me. I will give you even that!

You are not alone: I am with you! You do not need to figure this out all by yourself or try to protect yourself with a lot of knowledge. That was the way of Adventism, and you have seen where that ended for you. Don't listen to the same spirit that lied to you in Adventism, telling you that your safety was in knowledge. Your safety is in Me."



"My children,

"I am here. I am with you. I know the fears that you feel at night in the dark of your room. I know some of you have been openly harassed by the enemy, choked in the night, and terrorized by visions of things in your room. I know many of you have grown up and tried to move past these things, but that you are still afraid inside. Outwardly you must appear victorious, unafraid and unfazed, but alone at night you may suddenly feel like a terrified child again.

"I also know the frustration you have felt as you tried to drive away the fear. I know how you desperately spoke My name or tried to remember as many Bible verses as you could. I know how you clenched your eyes shut and repeated them to yourself as you tried to escape by falling asleep.

"I know the hidden pain behind the question you haven't been able to ask: 'Lord, why didn't it work?' You didn't ask Me the question, but you've really needed to ask it, because you've been doubting yourself and feeling responsible when it wasn't your fault. It was not you who opened the door to the enemy. But I will tell you how to close it and find rest in Me.

"Firstly I must tell you that the enemy cannot actually touch you. He can only scare you and try to frighten you. He is a toothless, declawed lion, because I triumphed over him on the Cross. I won the victory—it is finished!

"But you were not taught this; you were told that My death was only a symbol of My love, and that the real 'atonement' is happening in heaven. You were told that I and My angels are in a 'great controversy' against Satan and his angels, and that you must keep My law in order to vindicate Me in the end.

"You were taught that you had to keep the law. You had to memorize enough Scripture and 'truth' to keep from being deceived. You had to become perfect enough to stand before My Father without a mediator. The burden was placed on you. If you were harassed or fearful, you unconsciously felt that it must be because you weren't close enough to Me (because if you were, then these things wouldn't be happening). Moreover, no one else talked about these things and these fears, so you felt even more alone, and it subconsciously confirmed to you that you must be responsible.

"My children, My precious, beloved children! I am always with you, and I have always been with you. In Me you have already overcome the evil one, and in this world you overcome him by faith in Me. But the faith that was taught to you was not faith in Me, but rather to study hard and overcome through your own vigilance. You were taught to have faith in your own zeal, and your faith faltered because you couldn't keep up your zeal. The power of the enemy to deceive you was emphasized over and over more than My power to protect you from deception.

"I am not the author of that kind of 'faith'—the faith of your spiritual forefathers who founded your church. I am not the one who visited them with visions and revelations to teach them that 'faith'. I am not the one who opened the door for the evil one to harass their children and their children's children.

"But I am sovereign! I have brought you to where you are today to deliver you and set you free from every fear and harassment of the enemy. Yes, the enemy was devious in not only opening the door through demonic revelations to your spiritual forefathers, but also in crippling your knowledge of Me, of him, and of My victory over him (so that you could not have faith in what you had never heard). But I am bringing you into freedom now! What the enemy meant to use to destroy you, I will turn into a blessing in your life. Are you willing to be free?

"Call out to Me now, and ask Me to reveal to you the truth of My words in Scripture, that I have defeated the enemy at the Cross and that you are safe in My hands. Believe what I show you in Scripture. Do not try to harmonize it with what you were taught before—do not let the enemy dilute My words any longer! Then, in My name and in knowledge of My victory, stand!"


If you would like prayer, please see the Contact page.

"Perfect Performance"

"Perfect Performance"

Then they asked him,
"What must we do to do the works God requires?"

Jesus answered,
"The work of God is this:
To believe in the one He has sent."
- John 6:28-29
"My children,

"I know you think you can keep the law. I know you think you're supposed to. But I tell you that it was a burden too heavy for you to bear, so I bore it for you. I carried, kept, and fulfilled what you could not.

"I do not judge you by how well you keep the old covenant law—I do not judge you by how well you survive carrying something that is too heavy for you! I do not judge you according to the ministry of death, but rather according to your heart's response to My love for you.

"If you know that your performance is weak and insufficient, then that is good enough for Me. If you have heard My love for you and call out to Me who won the game for you, then that is good enough.

"I don't need your help to win the game (I've already won it!), and I don't need your help in saving you (I've already done that, too!). All I want is for you to know in your heart that I am your champion, not you yourself.

"That's all."


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Sunday, May 29, 2011

"I AM Your Righteousness!"

"I AM Your Righteousness!"

"I didn't come to teach you how to become righteous. I didn't come to show you the 'way' to become holy. I did not leave a method for you to follow in order to become like Me. Instead I AM your righteousness!

"Do you think that I ever separate from My righteousness? Do you think that I clothe you with My righteousness and then leave you to finish your walk on your own?

"No, I tell you! I am the Lord Your Righteousness, and I will never cease being your righteousness—not now, not in the 'end times', nor in the age to come. As I AM and I will forever be, I will never cease to be your righteousness. My righteousness will never separate or 'impart' to you, for I am the Lord Your Righteousness and I Myself will never leave you.

"Do you know that I am happy to give you My righteousness? Do you know I am not upset, frowning, or disappointed? It is My good pleasure to lavish My love and righteousness on you! I have not given you My grace and eternal life reluctantly! I am well-pleased with you and I love you!"

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Rest in Me"

"Rest in Me"

"I am your Sabbath, in the midst of all your troubles, stresses, worries, burdens and fears. I am your Sabbath in the midst of the grief you feel because of bad things you've done and because of the sins you just can't seem to get rid of completely. I am your Sabbath in the midst of consequences you endure because of bad choices you've made and mistakes you were responsible for.

"I am your Sabbath-rest here at the Cross. I bring you rest through no effort of your own, but through what I did for you by Myself on the Cross. I bring you peace through My own love for you, not through your love for Me. You don't have to prove how much you love Me to receive My love. You don't have to get yourself 'clean' first for Me to accept you. I love you just as you are, and I will heal your broken heart and wash away your griefs with My love.

"Come, rest in Me. Rest in My love for you. I Myself am your Sabbath."

"Locked Out (No Room For My Spirit!)"

"Locked Out"

"I stand at the door and knock, but you have locked Me out! With your doctrines you claim to have built a perfect place for Me to dwell, but in truth you have built them up because you have been so afraid of being deceived. You believe that your safety and your approval in My sight are because of the correctness of your doctrines, and once you've arranged them you do not want them to be changed. In trying to lock the door against deception, you don't realize that you have also locked Me out.

"You believe you have locked out spirits of darkness with your 'superior' construction of doctrines and systematic theology. But I see many among you who are held captive to the spirits of the enemy which have been loose among you, because superior doctrines and systematic theology cannot drive out the enemy; only My Spirit can. Only My Spirit can give you rest and peace from your fears of being lost and of not pleasing me."

"No Room For My Spirit"

"But you have made My Spirit, too, into a doctrine—into just another part of your beliefs in your theological system. You have mathematically arranged My words from Scripture into your own equations, in order to prove that your house is well-built and that I am at home with you more than in any other house. Yet deep inside part of you knows that I am bigger than your doctrinal house of cards, and that if you allow Me to come be Myself, your house of doctrines might be severely damaged or even done away with.

"I wait outside your locked door. Will you let Me in? Yes, I will change your house and I will knock down walls you have built. But I will also take away your darkness and your fear. Your house will not appear as theologically or systematically 'safe', but you will have peace and safety because My Spirit will be among you, and I will give you rest."


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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Wholly Accepted"

"Wholly Accepted"

"My dear child, I am so pleased that you want to give your life to Me! I know you barely understand all the things you've studied, and I know you aren't completely sure what it is you're doing and what 'baptism' does.

"Don't worry! You can't see it, but you've given your heart to Me, and I have gladly accepted it—I have gladly accepted you! Not because of the things you've learned and not because of how much you've understood. No, instead I have accepted you because I love you—you're My child! All I wanted was your heart, and you gave it to Me—it's Mine now! (And I'm not giving it back!)

"Don't doubt yourself and your heart—whether you gave it really and wholly or not, or whether you have some sin you didn't remember. Don't worry because I've accepted you not on the basis of your perfect heart, but rather on the basis of what My Son did for you on the Cross! (That's what baptism is all about—it's all about Jesus!)"

Thursday, May 26, 2011



"My children,

"I am your Father and I am Spirit; you are My children, therefore you are also spirit. I am the Father of your spirit, and you are the children of My Spirit. Do not wonder at this, for haven't I told you that Spirit gives birth to spirit? Didn't I say that you must be born again—born of the Spirit?

"You were born in darkness, and you yourselves were once darkness, but now you are children of the light. You have been reborn! Your spirit has been given rebirth from My Spirit because you believed in My Son—the life-giving Spirit, the second Adam—and what He did for you on the Cross.

"I am your Father, the father of your spirit, and you are spirit—you are My children."


See also: "A Spirit of Life" and "Spirit" (study)

"Ready In Me"

"Ready In Me"

"I am all you need in the end times and on the last day. Do not be afraid and do not fret about what you need to have, what you need to do, what you need to figure out or be aware of. I will be your light in the darkness, and I will not expect you to produce your own light.

"Yes, I am coming soon. But I am not telling you to 'Get ready' because there is nothing you can do to 'get' ready, just as there is nothing you can do to accomplish your own salvation. All you can do is be in Me now, and let Me take you along day by day, one step at a time.

"Do not worry about what special command you must keep or what location you must be standing in. I am calling you to worship in Spirit and in truth—I am the truth, and I am the Spirit! I am calling you to simply be in Me.

"Do not worry as your spiritual forefathers did about 'Coming out to meet the Lord', for the Kingdom of God is already within you. Do not worry as your spiritual forefathers did about 'Loving His coming' because I already know if you love Me, and you do not need to worry about displeasing Me by not knowing the details of the time or events surrounding My coming.

"As the Day draws near, know now that I expect nothing more of you than to rest in My love for you, to love Me and to love your neighbor as I have loved you. I have laid no other burden on you. If anyone tells you to 'Get ready' for My coming by knowing their unique truths, know now that such a person has not been sent by Me but is rather deceived by Jezebel and her so-called 'deep secrets'. Do not be worried about what they say, and do not let them take away your peace in Me: I have overcome for you on the Cross—your victory is already accomplished in Me, not in your knowledge."


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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Broken For Rescue"

"Broken For Rescue"

"I am full of grace and mercy, I am longsuffering and compassionate. Because of My great love for you, I will not allow your boast to continue.

"Your spiritual forefathers built your church of their own making, and boasted that it was a firm platform, solid and impenetrable, and its truth greater than that of all other churches. And so your forefathers called people to leave their churches and come sail on your ship instead, teaching that your church's truth was so mighty it could never be sunk.

"Your forefathers rebelled against Me, ignoring My words and building their ship according to their own design. I called them to repent, but they only strengthened their rebellion by building their ship stronger and larger. Their unique 'truths' were enlarged and centered upon, while the pillars of faith in Me were marginalized and set aside.

"Behold, your ship will be broken so that you may be rescued. I will be near, but the loss of your ship will terrify many of you. I will set you afloat in the ocean of My love, the sea of My endless grace, from which your spiritual forefathers sought to rise above in their pride. Do not be afraid, for I am watching over you."

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Everlasting is Everlasting"

"Everlasting is Everlasting"

"I am the Righteous One.
I am just, and I am justice.
I am mercy and I am love.

"Who can know hearts better than I?
Who can determine justice better than I?
Who can show more mercy than I—
I who died on the Cross for My enemies?

"Who determines the length and intensity of My fire?
Who created the spirit, soul and body,
and who searches out the eternity set there?
Who will dictate the terms of My judgment to Me?

"I have declared My words to you,
and I do not say one thing yet mean another.
Do not nullify My words,
but trust Me instead.

"When you cannot understand,
and when you cannot recognize My love,
trust My heart still.

"See My love for you engraved by nails on My hands!
Believe in My goodness,
even in My judgment."


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"Abide in My Love"

"Abide in My Love"

"My child, you will never be sure of My love for you as long as you are afraid of displeasing Me. Won't you allow My perfect love to cast out your fear of punishment?

"I have loved you first: I gave My Son for you on the Cross. Whether or not you accept Him and return My love to Me, I loved you so much that I gave Him to die for you.

"Begin in My love, being sure that I love you and will not take back the gift I have given. Abide in My love, knowing that I loved you first. Only then will you understand My command to you to love one another as I have loved you.

"If you fear being cast out of My love, and you seek to be accepted by Me through keeping commands, you will remain dry and fruitless because you have not rooted in My unconditional love for you, but are instead seeking to earn My love through your commandment-keeping."


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

"You Are Coming With Me!"

"You Are Coming With Me!"

"My children,

"Do not be afraid, I have overcome death!
I have conquered the grave,
and I hold the keys of death and Hades.
Behold! I have opened the door for you—
you will not be abandoned to the grave!

"Death has no more power over you than it has over Me.
I am with you always, to the end and beyond:
Death cannot separate you from Me and from My love.
Because you believe in Me, when you die you will live,
for I have given you an eternal spirit
and you will not die.

"Behold, I have taken the sting of death for you!
Do not fear, and do not be afraid:
you will not be left to the grave.
You are coming home with Me.
You are Mine."


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"One Righteous, One Wronged"

"One Righteous, One Wronged"

"I am the only truly innocent one.
I am the only truly righteous one.
I am the only one who is without sin.

"I loved you and died for you not because you were sinless or righteous,
but because you were sinful and unrighteous.

"So do not be easily offended or defensive when people say that something is wrong with your church, your people or your nation. Do not be afraid to examine yourselves and face the possibility of being wrong.

"You have nothing to fear!
I AM your innocence and your righteousness!
Do not be afraid of repentance or of being examined.
I am the only spotless Lamb you need."


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Safe From Being Misled"

"Safe From Being Misled" "Safe From Being Misled"

"My children,

"I know you have read things in Scripture that don't fit with your belief system. I know you have been hit with moments of doubt when you saw that My words didn't match with what you had been taught was the truth by your church. I know the answers that were given to you to explain the inconsistencies, and I know they didn't fully satisfy you, but I know you were afraid of what it could mean if the 'building' had a crack in it.

"Don't be afraid! I am not a system. I am not a systematic theology. I am not a set list of beliefs. I AM who I AM, and I AM who I AM regardless of what your church believes about Me. I will not change. You can trust Me. The church's belief system will fall, but I will remain.

"I am calling you to come be with Me. Don't be afraid, for I will not let you fall. I will not lead you astray. I will never leave nor forsake you, but I will guide you to springs of living water, and I will be a shelter and a shade for you in the heat of the day. I am not saying it will be easy, but I am saying that I will be with you no matter what you go through.

"You have held onto your church's beliefs because they seemed to be a place of safety, and you feared going outside because you did not want to be deceived and be lost. But your church's beliefs are cracked, and you know it. You are afraid of being deceived by spirits, but you have also been afraid of My Holy Spirit. Trust Me now. I AM the Holy Spirit. I AM God.

"Come out of the darkness of fear, and rest in Me."


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"You Have Been Sanctified"

"You Have Been Sanctified"

"My child,

"You are never going to be holy enough. And you don't need to fear, because I have already loved you and accepted you! And I gave you My holiness. You are credited with My holiness, not with yours. For your sake I sanctified Myself, so that you might be sanctified in Me. Because I am holy, I have made you holy by My sacrifice once for all.

"Now that I have saved you and credited you with My righteousness, I will lovingly wash you many times—I will wash you with My words, telling you the truth of how I have loved you and saved you by My own power instead of by yours. I will take every fear hiding in the darkness, bring it into the light and give you peace by applying My love and truth to it. I will still your soul and give you rest from your fears and your striving. And so you will become more and more holy—pure and free in My love, cleansed by the truth of what I have done for you. But making you holy is My work, not yours. And your holiness is not the basis of your acceptance with Me.

"I sanctified you with My blood, shed for you on the Cross. No more sacrifice is necessary. You have been set apart as holy. You are Mine."


See also: "Sanctification"

"Kept Safe"

"Kept Safe"

"I am the God who saves. I am the Savior, and I am the Keeper of My children. I am the One who saves your children. I am the One who holds them safe in My arms when they have been taken away from you. I am the One who holds them even now in My arms. I am the Father to the fatherless, and I am the One who is a father to your children when you have been separated by death.

"Be at peace, for your children are safe in My arms. I am the Father of their spirits, and I am the Father of your spirit. I will never leave nor forsake you, not even in death."


See also: "Spirit" (study)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"My Love Wants to Heal"

"My Love Wants to Heal"

"I am tender and I AM love.
I am compassionate and I am refreshing.
I am joy and I am the encourager of your soul.

"But I love you too much to leave you unhealed.
I care about you too much to let you remain in denial and delusion.

"I will expose to you your problems, your fears, your blindnessess and things which you have trusted in instead of trusting Me.

"I want to heal your heart in the deepest way with My love, in places you didn't know were dry, cracked, barren and broken.

"I am love. Do not fear My truth,
for I AM truth, and I love you."


See also: "Mended" (art link)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Lord of the Sabbath"

"Lord of the Sabbath"

"I am the Lord of the Sabbath.
I am the One who gives you rest.
I am the One who makes you holy.

"Who has dwelt on high?
Who has ascended to heaven?
Who has ridden on the clouds into glory?

"I am the First and the Last.
I am the Creator of all things.
I am He who does not grow tired or weary.

"I am He who made the Sabbath for ancient Israel,
—not for Myself—
but to point them to Myself,
because I was to come
and bring them into My rest;
for though they kept Sabbath days
they had not yet entered—
they had only known shadows of My rest.

"I am He to whom the Sabbath pointed them,
to whom the testimony of the Old Covenant points;
for though the Old Covenant has passed away,
it still testifies to all mankind
that I am He.

"I am the Lord of Sabbath-rest,
I am He of whom the promise spoke.
I am rest for your souls.
I am your sanctification.
I am your heaven."


See also: "Christ, the Substance of the Two Shadows"



"I have won! I have triumphed! I am victorious over every demon, spirit, principality and power of darkness! None can stand against Me, and none can snatch you out of My hand.

"Yet you have lived in fear of deception and afraid of the powers of darkness. This is because the enemy crept in and sowed lies at your church's foundation, saying that My victory was not yet complete, and that final victory—and even My own vindication—depended on you. Your church was built on these lies, and since then generations of its children have been helpless in the darkness, terrified of the power of demons.

"Be free of the lies of the enemy! Behold, I made a public spectacle of him when I triumphed over him at the Cross—and so it is finished! You are now hidden safe in Me—do not believe the lies of the enemy any longer!"


See also: "He Shall Reign" (art link)

"My Hands For You"

"My Hands For You"

"You are not alone. Don't be afraid, and don't believe the enemy's lie that you are alone. Many of your brothers and sisters have been where you are now sitting. I know you can't see them right now, and I know that's hard. But trust Me: you are not alone.

"I know you feel confused and lost and there are times when you think you can't take anymore. Hold onto Me and don't give up faith in Me, even when you are confused about Me because of what you have been taught. Keep calling to Me, for I always hear. I have always heard you and I have never turned My ear away from you. My love has always been with you and surrounding you. It is not your fault that you have not been able to sense My nearness, but it will take some time to come out of the fog that has been laid upon you by the teachings you have been under.

"I am always with you, and I am sending you brothers and sisters—family in Me—who will be My hands to lay My love on you and share My heart with you. Many of My people are praying for you even now. Do not be afraid if they seem to be a long time in coming to you, but trust Me even in this. I will keep you and sustain you.

"Many of your brothers and sisters are in the same place as you are, but you have not yet begun to walk together. When I judge that the time is right, I will bring you alongside one another to support each other, and to help others who are just beginning to take their first steps into freedom from the same fog that you have been under."


See also: Heart For Adventists Contact Page
Art link: "His Hands (Laying On Love)"

Monday, May 16, 2011



"My blood covers all things, even the Ten Commandments—the list of charges against you. Every sin that you have ever committed, every law you have ever broken, every thought you have every had that has turned away from Me—all have been covered by My blood on the Cross. I died for all of these, and My sacrifice takes them all away. They do not belong to you any longer: your sins and the charges against you have been nailed to the Cross. I have fulfilled the Law and all requirements for your salvation. All that is left for you is to believe and love."


See also: "Fulfilled!" (art link) and "The Fulfillement of the Law"

"My Salvation"

"My Salvation"

"My children, I have told you that you are saved by what I have done for you on the Cross—why haven't you believed Me? I wrote in the Scriptures through My Spirit in purposefully clear terms that I have saved you, and that you may rejoice because I have saved you.

"I have not written in Scripture that you are saved only to turn around and tell you that you are forbidden from uttering those words. I have not spoken through any prophet contradicting what I wrote clearly in Scripture: that you have been saved by My grace.

"Do not be afraid! It is not presumption to take Me at My word! Cast aside whatever lies people have spoken presumptuously in My name, saying that you dare not agree with My words in Scripture. Cast the lies aside and rest on the truth of My words in Scripture: you are saved. Say it, believe in Me, and rest in Me. For I am the Lord and I do not lie."


See also: "Faith or Fear?" (study introduction)