Thursday, December 29, 2011

"More Than His Righteousness"

"More Than His Righteousness"

"I am shaking your gods! I am shaking your gods! No other 'gods' will survive in the days to come, and none of those who worship at their altars will remain unshaken. I am the only Rock, and I am the only Unshakeable One.

"Many of you have built altars according to your own patterns and unto your own gods—even though you often call your gods by My name. In My grace and My love for you, I will allow all of these to be shaken violently so that you may rest in Me alone. Put your trust in Me instead of in the works and altars you have built in My name!

"Rest in My love for you even when your works are shaken apart in front of you. I will not shake anything that will be too much for you to lose, unless you choose to cling to it more than you cling to Me. If you allow My shaking to remove what is shakeable, you will find My hands at the end, and you will realize that what you had clung to before only kept you further from My touch and resting in My love.

"I am your only righteousness—do not put your trust in your works or what you have built in My name."

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