To Seventh-day Adventists:

God loves you! He loves you so, so much!

But not because you are Seventh-day Adventists.

His love for you has absolutely nothing to do with your being Adventist. God has not given you any special favor or love or privilege. Instead He's given you something much better than that—He's given you His Son!

When He gave you His Son on the Cross, He gave you everything—the whole field! You don't need anything else but Jesus, and He is more than all that you need! Your salvation is in the Cross alone. He Himself is the special one, the special message, the only "light" and the only true truth.

His heart for you, His burning desire, His passionate longing is for you to find rest in His arms alone.

On this site you will find pictures, words, visions and dreams He has given us for you, because He has overwhelmed us with His heart of love for you!

"My Sabbath Forever ...is You, Jesus!"