Prophetic Art

Prophetic Pictures and Words from His heart

The Way Gently Broken Letting Go Reduced Superseded "Most Holy Place" The Scapegoat "Just Jesus!" "Eternal" Shelter The Sabbath Rest "What Else is Necessary?" "A Way in the Wilderness" "The Spirit of Prophecy" Inner Cry "With Him" "Not As Advertised" "Glorified" "All For You" "My Sins" "Secure!" "Shaking" "I AM Your Peace!" End Times Light "The Only Way" "I Hate Waiting" "Fear No Deceptions" "My People" "There’s No Catch!" "Never the Same!" "False Yoke" "From Father" "My Sabbath Forever" "Sabbath is *Here*" "Unlimited Sabbath" "Perfection" "At Home" "I Will Never Forsake You" "In Toil, Rest" "Keep Walking" "What Have I Done?" "Finished Work" "Not Disappointed" "Because I Overcame..." "Washing" "Paid in Full" "The Power of My Love" "I Am Your Pilot" "Grace Walk" "Yahweh Shabbat" "Master at Rest" "A Better Covenant" "Three-in-one" "My Salvation" "Fulfilled!" "My Hands For You" "Triumph!" "Lord of the Sabbath" "My Love Wants to Heal" "Kept Safe" "You Have Been Sanctified" "Safe From Being Misled" "Safe From Being Misled" "One Righteous, One Wronged" "You Are Coming With Me!" "Abide in My Love" "Everlasting is Everlasting" "Broken For Rescue" "Ready In Me" "Spirit" "Wholly Accepted" "Locked Out" "No Room For My Spirit" "Rest in Me" "I AM Your Righteousness!" "Perfect Performance" "Defeated" "A Dangerous Choice" "My Perfect Beloved" "Free!" "Your Sins Have Been Condemned!" "Made Perfect" "Dying City" "Brought Out" "Even Though It Dies..." "Held By Dark Hands" "Cardboard God" "Veiled Beholding" "Hallowed Above Me" "Free Indeed!" "Held By Trustworthy Hands" "Called Out" "Delivered!" "I Am Your Pasture" "When Night Comes" "Come Forth!" "The Tree of Life" Which 'Testimony'? "Hear Me!" "Just Rest." "Captive!" "It is Finished!" "More Than His Righteousness" "Covered Completely" "Beyond You" "Greater Glory" "Turn To ME!" "Good Enough For Me!" "Called to Rest" "Arms of Eternity" "Unity In Silence" "In My Eyes" "Under Law" "In Faith, See!" "Walking In Sabbath-Rest" "My Joy" "Everlasting Glory" "Eden In Me" "I Am Your House" "Not Adding Up To the Son" "At Rest" "The Heart of God" "Rescued!"