Saturday, April 7, 2012

"My Love For You"

"My precious child,
do you know how overjoyed I am about you?
Do you know what it means to Me
having you as My child?

"I rejoice!
I sing songs of joy about you!
I am overcome as with wine!
And when you look at Me with your love,
I can't bear it and turn My eyes away!

"I love you not because you
are being more righteous than others,
but rather because you are precious to Me.
In fact, you are indeed just a child,
and you have no more knowledge or righteousness
than any others who claim to be My only children.
I love you even though you have very little knowledge of Me.

"My children in Adventism,
I love you dearly not because you are Adventists,
but rather in spite of being Adventists!
My love for you is secured by
knowledge greater than what you know,
and by obedience you will never be able to render.
My love for you is secured by My obedience
and by My knowledge—by My righteousness.
Your righteousness, your obedience and your doctrines
do not make Me love you any more than I love any of My children;
instead they cause you to misunderstand Me and My love.

"My child, forget your pride
and your spiritual house—
for I am enthralled with you!
Honor your Savior alone!"


Art: "Daddy, My Daddy"

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