Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Clinging to Rags"

"My children! My children!
Why are you afraid of facing the truth about your errors?
Why are you clinging to dead doctrines?

"I have told you that your safety is in Me,
not in your own perfection.
I am your righteousness—
you do not need to be afraid of your unrighteousness!

"But you are afraid to let go of
doctrines created by your own hands,
and so you cannot see and rest in My hand.
As long as you cling to your rags
instead of resting in My hand and in My word,
you will remain slaves to the fear
of your doctrines being wrong,
and afraid to admit the truth about yourselves.

"Let go of your fear of being mistaken!
Look and behold the ocean of My love for you!"


Art: "Keeping Slaves in Fellowship"

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