Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Don't Hide!"

"My children in Adventism,

"You are beautiful,
not because of how much you know
nor because of how 'right' you are,
but simply because I made you beautiful.

"I love you,
not because you are more special than others,
but because I am love.

"Why have you been working so hard
to prove you are correct and are special?
Why are you so afraid
of recognizing how poor, blind and naked you are?

"Do not be ashamed of your wrongness!
Do not be afraid to recognize and admit your unrighteousness.
Do not fear the existence of mistakes in your past
and errors in your beliefs.

"Don't hide, My beloved!
Let Me see your face!
I will wash you and make you radiant!"


Art: "Beautiful"

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