Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"The Son's Writing"

"The names of My children are in the book of life,
not because they understand how to obtain My approval,
but because My Son is the One in whom I am well pleased.

"My children, put your confidence in My Son!
Rest in His righteousness.
Rest in His righteous acts and in His works on your behalf.
Let Me credit His deeds as your deeds,
for only His righteous works can cover your nakedness.
There is no other sure covering than the blood of My Son.

"Do not look to your own deeds to keep your name in the book of life,
for as your deeds could not write your name in the book of life,
neither can your deeds keep your name written there.

"My Son has engraved your name on His hands;
do not leave His hands by trusting your deeds.
Do not look to the book of deeds, but to the book of life—
My Son is your life!"


Art: "Yeshua My Shabbat"

Monday, April 16, 2012


"I am your peace—your place of rest
from temptation, confusion, struggle, and sin.

"Be still and know that I have redeemed you!
I have accomplished your sanctification on the Cross.

"Rest in what I have done for you, not in yourself.
When you need relief from the waves, look to Me."

"You are in Christ Jesus,
who has become for us wisdom from God—
that is, our righteousness,
holiness and redemption."
(1 Corinthians 1:30)

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Open to Me!"

"My children,

I know you believe that you can see,
and that you can see more 'light'
than others who call on My name.

Come, let Me touch your eyes, My children,
for you have not seen as clearly
as you have been told.

Come, ask Me to open your eyes.
Ask Me to remove any veil you may have.
Ask Me to lead you into all truth.
Ask Me to be the light of your world.

Ask Me to reveal to you
the glory of the new covenant."


Art: "Born This Way"

"The Whole Counsel of God"

"I am the wonder of heaven!
I am the glory of the Father!
I am the character and the heart of God!

"There is no other light
than Him who is the Light of the world.
I am the complete counsel of God.
I am the very Word of God.

"I am the gospel.
I am the good news.
I am He who has finished all the work
necessary for your salvation.

"Do not let anyone deceive you!
Do not be led astray by another gospel!"


Art: "The Kingdom of Heaven"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Steadfast Love"

"I am the One who calls you to come to Me
with your needs, your griefs, your hopes and your cares.
I know that you worry I will not hear you
if you don't pray 'correctly' or long enough
or with enough feeling in your heart.
My child, I know you want to stay focused on Me
and bring your needs to Me without being distracted.

"I want you to know that I always hear you, My child!
I hear you even before you call!
I know you want to give Me your everything,
but the more you try, the more you see how weak you are.

"Do not be ashamed, My child,
for I gave My everything because I knew you couldn't!
I am not upset or disappointed that you have been unable
to attain perfection in prayer as you think I want you to.
Instead, I am overjoyed and delighted in you, My child,
and I rejoice in any attempt you make to pray.

"I just want to be with you, My child.
When you come to Me in prayer,
I want you to rest in My love for you
and to know that I have already heard you
and am already caring for your needs.
I am strong in your weakness!"


Art: "But He Is Strong"

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"My Love For You"

"My precious child,
do you know how overjoyed I am about you?
Do you know what it means to Me
having you as My child?

"I rejoice!
I sing songs of joy about you!
I am overcome as with wine!
And when you look at Me with your love,
I can't bear it and turn My eyes away!

"I love you not because you
are being more righteous than others,
but rather because you are precious to Me.
In fact, you are indeed just a child,
and you have no more knowledge or righteousness
than any others who claim to be My only children.
I love you even though you have very little knowledge of Me.

"My children in Adventism,
I love you dearly not because you are Adventists,
but rather in spite of being Adventists!
My love for you is secured by
knowledge greater than what you know,
and by obedience you will never be able to render.
My love for you is secured by My obedience
and by My knowledge—by My righteousness.
Your righteousness, your obedience and your doctrines
do not make Me love you any more than I love any of My children;
instead they cause you to misunderstand Me and My love.

"My child, forget your pride
and your spiritual house—
for I am enthralled with you!
Honor your Savior alone!"


Art: "Daddy, My Daddy"

Friday, April 6, 2012

"Don't Rest in Shadows!"

"Awake, My beloved!
The time has come for you
to come out of the slumber of the law!
The time has come for you
to put on My righteousness alone.

"I will give you light,
but if you remain entombed
by the righteousness of the ministry of death,
you will not be able to see My light in the darkness.

"If your knowledge is from discerning
according to the tablets of the old covenant,
My light will be veiled to you and you will not see
that only the power of My Spirit
can keep you from being deceived.

"I am the Light—awake, My beloved!
Come forth from the shadows!
Arise from the ministry of death,
and I will be your light!"

"Arise from the law,
and I will give you light!"


Art: "Time to Stop Sleeping"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Clinging to Rags"

"My children! My children!
Why are you afraid of facing the truth about your errors?
Why are you clinging to dead doctrines?

"I have told you that your safety is in Me,
not in your own perfection.
I am your righteousness—
you do not need to be afraid of your unrighteousness!

"But you are afraid to let go of
doctrines created by your own hands,
and so you cannot see and rest in My hand.
As long as you cling to your rags
instead of resting in My hand and in My word,
you will remain slaves to the fear
of your doctrines being wrong,
and afraid to admit the truth about yourselves.

"Let go of your fear of being mistaken!
Look and behold the ocean of My love for you!"


Art: "Keeping Slaves in Fellowship"