Friday, April 6, 2012

"Don't Rest in Shadows!"

"Awake, My beloved!
The time has come for you
to come out of the slumber of the law!
The time has come for you
to put on My righteousness alone.

"I will give you light,
but if you remain entombed
by the righteousness of the ministry of death,
you will not be able to see My light in the darkness.

"If your knowledge is from discerning
according to the tablets of the old covenant,
My light will be veiled to you and you will not see
that only the power of My Spirit
can keep you from being deceived.

"I am the Light—awake, My beloved!
Come forth from the shadows!
Arise from the ministry of death,
and I will be your light!"

"Arise from the law,
and I will give you light!"


Art: "Time to Stop Sleeping"

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