Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Not Adding Up To the Son"

"Not Adding Up To the Son"

"My children, you don't know that I love you whether you are right or wrong!
You are trying to convince yourselves and prove to others that I am with you,
adding up the numbers of your church members around the world,
the size of your education system and enterprises,
and the 'richness' of your church's 'heritage' and history.

"Don't you know that you do not need all of these things?
I have given you all that you will ever need on the Cross in My Son!
You cannot clothe yourselves by measuring your accomplishments!
No amount of measurement will 'prove' that I am with you
except for the Cross of My Son, Jesus Christ.

"Come into the light, My children in Adventism! Do not be afraid!
Yes, many of your 'calculations' will be exposed by the light of the gospel,
revealing the nakedness your forefathers tried to cover with new doctrines.
But if you let go of your 'proofs' at the foot of the Cross,
you will find yourselves clothed by My righteousness instead.
If you come out of the darkness, I will wrap you in the warmth of My light:
the light of the knowledge of salvation in My Son alone."


Art: "Trusting In Being Right"

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