Monday, February 6, 2012

"I Am Your House"

"I Am Your House"

"Your house is not My house.
I am not calling you to pretend to be happy;
I am not calling you to behave like the 'elders.'
I am not interested in you saying 'the right things'
or doing the 'right' things.

"I want you.
I want you to be free to be yourself.
I want you because I love you.

"Come rest in Me alone,
for your house has not been a place of rest.
But you will be safe in Me:
I am your refuge,
and I will be your new home.

"Don't be afraid to come to Me.
You have been told that you were running away from Me
if you did not obey 'the church' and its teachings;
and if you questioned your spiritual parents,
you were told to stop, to conform, and just be good little boys and girls.
You were taught that you were orphans without their parenting,
but I tell you that you are Mine.

"You belong to Me.
You are members of My house.
You are My children forever."


Art: "At God's Home"

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  1. So thankful that I am His child! This is beautiful, thank you for sharing, Ramone.