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Note from Ramone: A friend in Australia shared a vision that the Lord showed her some years ago...
Vision from Wednesday May 8, 2002

I'm inside my old church and I see before me the 10 Commandments written on tablets of stone. As I stand looking at them they begin to grow. Soon they are so huge that I realise I am now outside the church building and standing on an open plain. The Commandments keep on growing until they are so huge that they overshadow me and I feel really insignificant and incredibly threatened by them. I become terrified that they will actually topple over onto me and crush the very life out of me. They then take on the form of a dark presence – like an angel of darkness. God reaches down and His huge right hand picks them up and they change back to stone and their original size. He picks me up in His left hand and cradles me against His heart. I can feel the warmth of His body and the beat of His heart. He places the Law down to the side on the ground so that He can embrace me more fully with both of His hands. I feel warm, serene, protected and totally cherished.

He is simply showing me that my emphasis has been on the wrong thing. In the past I have mainly focussed on keeping the Law and making sure that I believe the "correct" doctrines. In this vision it wasn't until I was actually outside the church that I was able to encounter Him in a significant way. I didn’t realise that I had been so overshadowed by "doing the right thing" that I couldn’t even fully comprehend and accept the significance of Jesus' death and resurrection for me. His face and loving touch were hidden from me by the rules and restrictions that I was vainly striving to maintain. I had no way of knowing about or feeling our Father's awesome love. The Law was always standing between me and God, so that I could not even sense the presence of the Holy Spirit within the church or in my life. His actions tell me that the closeness of my relationship with Him is even more important to Him than if I strictly keep the Law. I saw in this vision that God Himself put the Law to the side in order to make a more intimate relationship between us possible, because above all else this is the desire of His own heart.
Ramone again: I was so blessed by the profoundity and perfect love God showed in this vision that I asked Him if I could make a picture of it, and He said yes. He showed me five scenes from her vision and I painted them. Of course, this painting does not compare to the beauty of what she actually saw, nor to her own words describing what He showed her:



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