Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Inner Cry"

Inner Cry

"I know how you feel inside. I know even better than you do yourself. I hear the cries inside. I feel your pain.

"I know you long for rest. I know the disappointment you feel because My ways had promised to be easy and light, but the way you have been led has not lived up to the promise you first saw in Me.

"You have been led astray, taken away from My rest. The promise you first saw in Me--when you first heard that My burden is light--is true. Your hope was not false, but your shepherds were.

"You have been taught to deny your pain, your longing for rest. You have been told that this heaviness is rest. But this is not My Sabbath-rest. Trying to keep the Sabbath day correctly will only leave you weary in your soul, and you have been wearied enough by your ways already; come find rest in Me now. I care about your soul. I don't care about how you observe old holy days. I want to meet with you today; I want to give you My peace today.

"Turn from your ways and the ways in which you have been led away from Me. You don't have to try to please Me with holy days. Come to Me and I will give you rest for free, which no sunrise or sunset will ever take away from you."


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