Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"With Him"

"With Him"

"My child, I am with you always. And you are with Me always. I will never leave you nor forsake you, not even in death.

"You have been told that you will know nothing when you die, but I tell you that although you die, you will live. You have been told you are nothing but body and breath, but I tell you that you are spirit, just as I am Spirit.

"Your body can be destroyed, but your soul and your spirit do not die. For you have been born again, born of My Spirit, born of imperishable seed.

"I know your sadness for your loved one who died. I know your grief. I know that although you speak of hope, inside you still grieve because you feel you will never see them again. I know you've been trying to live in the way that they believed. But I tell you that they did not know the truth about their spirit. I am greater than they knew, and they are with Me now.

"I am greater than you know. Do not be afraid, neither for yourself nor for your loved one. Rest in Me."


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