Friday, April 15, 2011

"Letting Go"

"Letting Go"

"You've been holding on for so long. You thought there was something of value. It couldn't have all been for nothing. There had to be something special, you thought.

"I am calling you to let go. You've begun to taste the power of My gospel because the message of grace is coming to you from other churches, from mainstream Christianity. You've been trying to fit it into the unique beliefs which you believed had to somehow be important. But from time to time you've glimpsed how peripheral, irrelevant, unnecessary and distracting those unique beliefs are. Grace has offered you a taste of something that eclipses them all.

"But it's been hard for you to completely let go and rest on My grace alone. You don't realize or understand it, but this difficulty of fitting the Cross into your church's unique beliefs is a heritage that has been passed down to you through many generations. Over 165 years ago your spiritual forefathers were faced with the same problem. They had tried to calculate the date of My coming, and when I didn't come they had a hard time letting go of what they had 'built'. It couldn't have all been for nothing. It couldn't be irrelevant. It had to be special, they thought. They reinterpreted their errors, made new ones, and have passed them down through the generations to you today. This is why it has been difficult for you to simply let go and embrace the Cross alone, to rest in My grace alone.

"You've been taught to be afraid that maybe you'll be in danger if you don't hold onto these things. Sometimes you hold onto them 'just in case' My grace isn't sufficient. Part of you has been afraid to let go of these things because part of you worries, 'What if they were correct?' You realize that yes, people who focus on these old things are often legalistic or extreme, but the unique beliefs couldn't wholly be wrong, you think. There has to be something right about them, you think. And that means that there has to be something really important about them... and so you're afraid that letting go of them will mean losing Me and losing My favor.

"After all, you think that it was Me who began your church. But you haven't thought very deeply about that. You don't realize that the fresh breath of the gospel of My grace which you are beginning to embrace today is what Christians believed back when your spiritual forefathers were calculating the date for My coming. You don't realize that your spiritual forefathers chose to believe that My grace was not sufficient, and that if they didn't calculate the date correctly, they believed and preached that one would be lost. You know I'm not like that. You know the Bible you've read. You know that I would love you and carry you home to Me even if you didn't know the day or the hour, even if you couldn't get outside a building and into a field in time.

"You know that if someone were preaching such a message to you today (like they did back then), you know that it would not be Me speaking. I would tell you to believe My word, to trust in Me and My grace instead of your calculations. My child, that is what My people did over 165 years ago when your spiritual forefathers tried to preach to them. My people stood on My word and stood on My grace, and they refused to follow your spiritual forefathers out of their churches and into the fields on that cold October night.

"I was not the one who called your spiritual forefathers to calculate the date of My return. I was not the one whose hand guided those calculations. I was not the one who called people out of their churches to join that movement. I was not the one who told your spiritual forefathers to try and salvage something from their failed calculations. I was not the one who gave them reinterpretations and visions leading them into new errors. I was not the one who 'sent' them to found a new church and attempt to correct other churches. I was not the one who led them away from My grace. And I was not the one who called you to accept the beliefs based on their calculations. I have never called you rest on anything other than My finished work on the Cross on your behalf.

"You don't have to 'calculate' anything to be saved! You don't have to get it all 'right' to be saved! You don't have to know more than other 'regular' Christians in order to please Me! You don't have to possess some special 'truth' or message for My people! See the cross? I love you! I save you! I myself will keep you safe through the end!

"I am bringing you back to the root of your church. I am bringing you back to the place where your spiritual forefathers refused to repent and chose to walk away from My grace because of their fear of shame, humiliation and futility. I am bringing you to the Cross where you can be free of your burdens—and the ones they passed to you—once and for all. I am bringing you to a place of rest if you will let go of everything except for My grace in the Cross.

"Yes, your spiritual forefathers were wrong. Yes, there is nothing worth saving in the unique doctrines they created and built the house of your church on. The sooner you can admit this and cling to My grace in the Cross alone, the sooner you will find rest, true security, and joy unspeakable!

"Here is the choice I am presenting to you, and which I have been presenting to your church for over 165 years: Will it be the this (these futile calculations), or will it be the Cross?"


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  1. While respecting the views of the Author I would say that the Cross is the Centre of every Adventist belief and the Person who died on it. Including the setting of a date before there ever was a Seventh-day Adventist in existence. Even it was all about Christ and Him Crucified, So while I respect the Author's right to write what he likes One must continue to search for Truth as there is always more to learn.
    Salvation is and remains our Choice too but as long as we remain close to our Lord Creator and Saviour we continue to choose Him.

  2. I've just been reading a little about "Family Radio" and Harold Camping's prediction of the day ofter tomorrow (May 21st) being the date of Christ's return. I have various friends quicklyl pointing out the verses where Jesus basically said to not worry about that, and many note that this is simply another group's "1844" all over again. (And there is a long history of these kinds of things happening over the last several centuries... 1844 was just one of many, many others.)

    But all that aside, my heart just aches. I feel this ache from the Holy Spirit and I begin to weep in the Spirit even merely turning to Him about this. I know part of it is simply His grief for the people who are going to be disappointed on the 22nd (because He feels our pains with us, even when He knows we've inflicted them on ourselves, He still feels and cares and loves us). But as I'm typing I'm starting to hear Him say something specific to Adventists...


    "What are you seeing? What are you witnessing? Behold! This is your own history happening before your eyes, the same as how your church began. But now you are on the other side, quoting My words about not worrying about the day or the hour.

    "Some of you are trying to use your 'great disappointment' to preach to the 'Millerites' of today (Harold Camping's followers) about how you (Adventists) know better about the folly of predicting the day and hour. You may be speaking part of the truth, but I want you to know more than the 'correct belief' in this situation: I want you to know My heart!

    "My heart grieves for you because although you think you have 'learned the lesson' from 1844, the truth is that your wound has never been healed and even today you are still afraid of facing the reality of what happened after 1844.

    "Today you only know what you think is a more correct 'belief' about date-setting, but you do not know the ache of My heart for date-setters because you have never understood how My heart ached for your date-setting spiritual forefathers. Their pride caused them to deny and cover up their error with new errors, upon which your church was later founded. Because you have not squarely faced the reality that Miller's date-setting was flawed from the very outset, you are not able to fully understand My heart for Camping's followers or My heart for you today.

    "As much as I want to spare Camping and his followers the terrible heartache they will soon come to know, I also want to heal your heart which has never recovered from 1844, but has been frozen in denial since then. Come, repent and rest in My love for you. I have never condemned you, but have only desired what will fill you with complete joy."

  3. The Christ we worship is the Christ who is God’s Son. Not someone made in our image or in our theology. JESUS IS. Jesus is our alpha and omega, the beginning, middle and end. Because He is all and in all, our life and our times are found in Him. In Jesus we live, move and have our being. In the Spirit Jesus is already here and alive in us. Jesus is our identity, purpose and destiny. When he comes will be like Him and know Him (1 John 3,2) because He and His Father have made their home in us and we know them (John 14.23). Better still they know us and delight in us. This wonderful loves banishes fear (1 John 4.18).

  4. I just made a post on my homepage for Family Radio and Harold Camping: "For Family Radio"