Saturday, April 23, 2011

"A Way in the Wilderness"

"A Way in the Wilderness"

"I am setting a path before you today. I will lead you through the wilderness and through every dry and barren place. I am calling you to follow me out of where you are now and into the desert.

"I am calling you to leave captivity. I am calling you out of Egypt. You were born into slavery under the law, held by chains of fear and by dishonest prophecies. But you were created to be free—you are a child of the King! And there is a longing in you for fulfillment.

I will be with you as you step out in courage, out of the veil of false teaching and into the desert of uncertainty. You already know the 'answers' you were taught were no answers at all; they could not fulfill you and give you rest. But now I will be your answer. At the beginning you may not know where you are or where you are going, but you will know that I am with you. And I will give you rest."

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