Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Most Holy Place"

"I am calling you to the Most Holy Place. I am calling you today because the Most Holy Place is not what you have thought. In the coming days I will begin to break down your former image of the Most Holy so that you may know the truth and find rest in Me, the Most Holy One. I will shake and tear the foundation of what your church has been built on since the beginning.

"Your spiritual forefathers invented their own 'sanctuary' and have not known Mine. They have taught you to attempt to climb higher and higher in perfection and character in order to dwell in the Most Holy. They have taught you that I have not forgotten your sins and blotted out their record with My blood.

"As a result you have been striving in the opposite direction, trying to go up instead of coming down where I have been longing to meet you—in the place of your brokenness, darkness and despair that you won't make it or be good enough. You have been trying to 'ascend on high', but I have been waiting for you at the foot of the stairs. Come back to Me.

"The 'steps to Me' that you have been told to climb will not reach Me. They have only taken you further away from Me, from knowing deep and fulfilling rest for your soul, and climbing them has put you in greater danger of being hurt when they collapse because the steps are rotting. They have been made of dead wood, not living wood. They have been severed from the Root and assembled, nailed together and constructed in order to reach a height of perfection and perfect character I do not demand of you.

"I stand at the foot of your rotting stairs, waiting for you to come to me. I do not want you to be hurt when they collapse because of the shaking of the earth. So I long for you to come to Me now. I long for you to turn around and take the descending path of humility and repentance.

"I long to show you that even in the midst of your darkest fears and humiliation, that here I love you and accept you. I have already wiped away your sins with My blood. I have already atoned for your sins. I long for you to be with me here where I am. I long to reach out My hand, eternally scarred with My love for you, and touch and caress your face. I long to show you that you have nothing to fear, because I am with you! I am for you! I am on your side! I love you!"

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  1. There is great freedom in humility and huge joy in repentance. Jesus, the human face of the Father is the kindest Person there is. You can sit on His Knee and have your hair stroked by His Hand. He has/will take you into Himself and send you out relaxed and at peace to multiply loaves and fishes in your area of gifting. Rejoice and laugh with the Father for your redemption is here!!