Saturday, April 23, 2011

"The Spirit of Prophecy"

"The Spirit of Prophecy"

"I am the essence of prophecy. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the testimony of God the Father. I am the Beginning and the End.

"There is One Holy Spirit. He gives many gifts; prophecy is one of them. But I am the spirit of prophecy. I am the heart of all prophecy. All prophets see in part, but I am the whole. I am the end-picture; I am the final vision.

"Because you have tried to find a safe way ahead in times that were not yours, you have wandered away from your resting place. You searched the prophets trying to find hidden light with which you could see during dark days that were not yet upon you. And with your ways and your light you fortified and wearied yourselves. Your hearts became troubled, full of anxiety yet also proud that you knew what others did not. Others had only Me, you thought, but you had more light.

"But there is no other light than Me, and there is no other way. There is nothing before Me and there is nothing beyond Me. There is no additional light. I AM the Light. There is no further way because I AM the Way. You have not known peace in your souls because you have left the narrow way.

"Return! Return to Me! I am your place of rest, I am your true light. I am the One who will heal your weariness from your ways. I am the One who will give you rest about the times of the end. I am the One who will give you understanding about My words, and I am the One who will give you peace when you do not understand. I am the One who saves you regardless of the level of your understanding, because I save you by My own knowledge, not by yours.

"Return to Me. I AM the spirit of prophecy!"


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