Friday, April 15, 2011



"You have thought the 'heritage' of your church has been a treasure, a unique package of special, privileged revelation and clarity. Your heritage has seemed rich to you, but you have been wandering around in the barren wilderness carrying this heavy load of your 'heritage', feeling far less assurance than your literature advertises.

"I am calling you to let go of this heavy package, these countless volumes of writings and unique beliefs, at the foot of the cross. It is time for you to find find freedom and life once and for all.

"As much 'fruit' as you've tried to boast that your heritage brought, deep down you have known it was barren, but you have kept trying to make it something, trying harder and harder. You have carried many things in addition to the Cross, and these have been a burden to you that I never meant for you to carry. The good news is about Me, not about you, your church, your 'heritage' or unique beliefs.

"I am calling you back to the simplicity of the Cross, where My grace alone is your salvation. I have taken your sins, and if you are willing to surrender them at the Cross, I have even taken our efforts to adorn, improve upon and complicate the simplicty of My gospel.

"Come lay down your burdensome additions at the foot of the Cross. And in their place receive My heritage, My inheritance that you did not deserve. Receive a crown of beauty instead of ashes, a garment of praise instead of heaviness, My free gift of righteousness instead of an earned righteousness of your own according to the Old Covenant law.

"The hour is late, the sun is setting and the night is almost here. Hear Me today. Come to the foot of the Cros and release your heavy package!"


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