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On November 15, 2008, my friend Dr. Cherry Brandstater (administrator of the Gently Broken website) related a dream to me that one of her medical students had. The student is not and never has been an Adventist; her only connection with Adventists was her four years in medical school at LLU (Loma Linda University). The dream she had upset her so much that she couldn't shake it. The dream follows:

She (Cherry's student) was in a large city in Southern California. She believed to be Los Angeles. She was walking toward a gathering that she felt compelled to find. When she found it she was in a large stadium on a campus. The stadium floor was filled with thousands of young Adventists—many of whom she recognized and knew from LLU. But there were many, many more than she knew. She felt a chill of fear go through her and realized that she was there, but not there—more as an observer.

From hidden locations all around guns began firing. Some were machine guns. The people began falling down bleeding and dead or dying. Some had been captured and were being sent down zip lines for sport so that the enemy could shoot at them—a bit like skeet. Everywhere blood flowed—it was a massacre. Those who remained alive were desperately trying to find a way out. They had out their cell phones and were calling for help—but she knew in her spirit that there would be no help. It was too late and there was no help. She was unable to do anything to help because she was only there in spirit. She was heartsick and devastated. She, herself, remained untouched in the midst of the fray. When all was done, none of all those thousands were left alive.


The dream is set in Southern California because that is where Cherry's medical student has had contact with Adventists. The city of Los Angeles represents Seventh-day Adventism. The name "Los Angeles" means "The Angels" in Spanish, which of course name implies a kind of heavenliness. In the same way, Adventism has labeled itself as being the place of "the Three Angels' message". And Ellen White, the 'prophet' of Adventism, frequently claimed to have visitations and messages from angels.

The student is compelled by the Holy Spirit to seek out these people who are on God's heart. The people themselves have been gathered together, but not by God. They have been herded to a coliseum to be slaughtered for the enemy's sport. He laid the foundations of this coliseum (Adventism) and has been preparing its people to be spiritually slaughtered.

The stadium was on a campus, and the young people inside were its students. This is because main goal of Adventism has been studying the beliefs and messages of the early Adventists. The summit of spiritual knowledge is believed to be what founders of Adventism believed; since their passing each generation of Adventists have sought to rise to the height of the founders' spiritual learning. The young people in the dream represent the present generation of Adventists (of all ages). The "parents" of Adventism—the founders of the church—have been gone for many years, and each subsequent generation have been "students."

The young lady who had the dream is not really present inside the dream; she is not part of the dream, but is an observer. God showed it to her for intercession and for the purpose of communicating things that Adventists themselves have not been able to see. Since she is not and has never been Adventist, her spiritual vision about Adventism is clearer. She has never been a "student" who looked up to and tried to learn from the Adventist "parents."

God showed her that a spiritual massacre is coming to Adventism—the enemy is aiming to shoot, wound, dishearten, embitter and depress the souls of Adventists. To bring them to a point where they become hollow and bitter inside and reject all things of God. The enemy has been preparing his heavy weaponry for this since the beginning of Adventism. His weaponry is more advanced than the Adventists' means of protecting themselves—they have no shields! The locations of his weapons are also "hidden" from the eyes of the Adventists: they have not been able to see how the enemy has been working in Adventism. They have believed that their structure (their church's spiritual architecture, represented in the dream by the stadium) was a great center for massive revival. They didn't know that it had been constructed by the enemy to massacre them inside of.

Those whose faith stayed alive longer desperately searched for answers, but they couldn't escape the beliefs they had studied, been raised in, and had tried to rise up to. They were hemmed in because they had been taught to place their faith in their church—in its foundational beliefs, interpretations, and in its founders. Their faith was in the church being true, and its message being "truth."

In the dream the Adventists were desperately trying to call God on their cellphones. This represents how Adventism has tried to 'modernize' its means of communicating its message. I.e., adopting praise music, newer Bible translations, dynamic sermons, creative presentations, modern technology, and other "new" things that Christian churches have been using. But the spiritual 'technology' Adventism has imported has been used to try and call the same phone number that the founders called. The wrapping had changed, but the faith and message underneath had not.

In the dream, Cherry's student saw clearly in the Spirit that crying out to God using the 'number' that the founders had called would not help. God would not respond to appeals to save Adventism's pride and 'unique' beliefs. In the dream there were no survivors because instead of taking refuge in Christ alone, the Adventists had taken refuge inside of Adventism—the very ground prepared for their massacre.

The Lord is saying,

"There is a time coming upon the Adventist church when the foundations of your faith will be torn apart before your very eyes, and before the eyes of the world. I will allow the foundations of Adventism to be laid bare. Things which were hidden will be made visible, and things which were covered up will be exposed. You will know that it was not I who laid the foundations of your church.

"No one left in the church will be left unshaken. Those who have put their faith in Adventism's 'truths' will suffer intense doubt, grief, and loss of faith. Many will 'die' spiritually. What measure of faith they have in Me during this time will be in mortal danger, for their faith in Me has been laid upon the foundation of faith in Adventism.

"I do not want this for you. I do not want your hearts to be torn apart. Nevertheless Adventism is going to collapse because it was made on sand instead of on My Son. Its foundations were built with pride, fear and manipulation. It is because I love you so much that I have been sending words to My prophets outside of your walls to warn you, to pray for you, and to love you.

"Come to Me today. Fall upon the Rock, My Son, and be broken. Face and accept your brokenness and need of Me. Acknowledge the cry you have repressed in your heart which has tried to witness to you that something is not quite right in Adventism. Deep in your spirit you know you have been striving. Deep in your spirit you know that My word does not support the interpretations Adventism's foundation was built on. Deep in your spirit you know that no amount of changing the outer-wrapping of Adventism's beliefs will make them any more true or fulfilling for your soul.

"I love you dearly, so much that I paid for you with My Son's life. I counted everything as loss for the sake of having you together with Me eternally. Do not be afraid to count all things as loss—even Adventism—for the sake of being with Me forever."

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  1. Christian Brothers,


    Sorry for the grammar .. I used the google translator ...

    "As there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed"

    I see these young men, with the advent of the internet, find out for themselves, they were all covered up (hidden).

    When they discover that they were deceived, will be very disappointed and then it happens that:

    - You will find that they were deceived;
    - They will be killed spiritually;
    - Do not rely on anyone else;
    - They know that those leaders and friends you trust and who claimed to have had the absolute truth deceived - (Many unconsciously);

    - Where will they go?

    - Many will become unchurched and lose faith .. This is where the massacre occurs, ie, the loss of faith ... One by one, being slaughtered, a massacre!

    This is where the story takes place many cast it out baby with the bath water.

    If you confess your mistakes (which reveal hidden) and if correct, many members will understand and forgive their leaders. But the leaders have the courage to do this?

    And fanatics marked with the mind I Tim 4, 1 to 5? Accept changes in doctrine?
    There will be a great schism if I decided to show all deceit and all cover-up?

    What to do?

    Each person who has discovered this mistake over the internet without anyone had the dignity to tell them the truth; suffers great disappointment! and you can have "psychological trauma".

    Text comforting for those who discover the truth, ie the other side of the Adventist Church:

    "When religion brigs psychological trauma to the soul"

    In the Link:

    May God have mercy on us all!



    Comentário no meu idioma - Português.

    Irmãos Cristãos,


    Desculpem a gramática.. Usei o google tradutor...

    "Como não há nada encoberto que não será revelado"

    Vejo que estes jovens, com o advento da internet, descobrirão por si mesmos, tudo que lhes foi acobertado (escondido).

    Quando descobrirem que foram enganados, ficarão muito decepcionados e então acontece que :

    - Descobrirão que foram enganados;
    - Ficarão abatidos espiritualmente;
    - Não confiarão em mais ninguém;
    - Sabem que aqueles líderes e amigos em quem confiavam e que diziam ter a verdade absoluta os haviam enganado -(Muitos inconscientemente);

    - Para onde irão?

    - Muitos tornar-se-ão sem igreja e perderão a fé.. É ai que ocorre o massacre, ou seja, a perda da fé...Um por um, sendo abatido, um verdadeiro massacre!

    É ai que acontece aquela história de muitos lançarem fora bebê junto com a água do banho.

    Se confessarem os seus erros(Revelar o que esconderam) e se corrigirem, muitos membros entenderão e perdoarão seus líderes. Mas os líderes terão coragem de fazer isto?

    E Os fanáticos com a mente marcada de I Tim 4;1 a 5? Aceitarão mudanças nas doutrinas?
    Haverá um cisma muito grande caso resolvam mostrar todo o engano e todo acobertamento?

    O Que fazer?

    Cada pessoa que tem descoberto este engano através da internet, sem que alguém tivesse a dignidade de dizer-lhes a verdade; Sofre grande decepção!! e pode ficar com "Trauma psicológico".

    Texto confortador para quem descobre a verdade, ou seja, a outra face da Igreja adventista:

    "When religion brigs psychological trauma to the soul"

    No Link:

    Que Deus tenha misericórdia de todos nós!