Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"The Sabbath Rest"

The Sabbath Rest

"Come rest in Me. Your efforts to keep and know how to keep the Sabbath day correctly have not brought you rest but left you in confusion and darkness, arguing in the shadows with yourselves.

"Come to Me. The Sabbath day was a shadow of Me, of what I did for you on the Cross. Let go of your works to keep the Sabbath correctly, and let go of the Sabbath day because I want you today, not just once a week. I want to give you rest for your soul right now.

"Come to the waters, you who are thirsty for peace in your souls! I AM the only way to rest. There is no other way to rest except through Me. Your careful observance will not give you rest for your souls; it will only bring you into insecurity, and My word to you will become only command after command, task after task, rule after rule and law after law.

"Come out from the shadows and into the light of Me. I died so that you could have peace in Me, full and free, relieving and surpassing every other kind of rest to be found in the world. I do not offer you any peace that can be found in the world, but I offer you the peace of My own Spirit. There is but one way: by laying down your works to attain rest by observance, and trusting instead in My free gift of grace. Come rest and drink deeply."


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