Friday, April 22, 2011

"What Else is Necessary?"

"What Else is Necessary?"

"Behold My hands! Behold My sacrifice! What have I done for you? What have I not done for you?

"Everything that was necessary to save you I have done for you. All of the works you needed have been accomplished by My hands. Is there anything your hands can do that My hands could not? Was My work not good enough to secure your salvation?

"Why are you tying My hands? Why do you hold Me back and insist that I will go only so far, and you must go the rest of the way yourself? Why do you think that your sanctification is in your hands instead of in Mine?

"Look at My hands. Everything you need is accomplished in what I did for you on the Cross.

"You can trust Me. I will take care of you the rest of the way."

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