Monday, June 20, 2011

"Cardboard God"

"Cardboard God"

"Who are you fooling, My children? Look at the image you have made with your hands—your invented beliefs and created doctrines! I am not in it! I am not found by creating doctrines, but you have built a package of beliefs and said, 'Behold, the Lord!'

"Time and time again I have called out to you, and I have sent My prophets to call you to wake up and repent. But you have wrapped and re-wrapped your package of beliefs to nullify or include My cries to you as part of your package, instead of turning from your idol to Me instead.

"How can I leave you, My children? How can I give you up to the darkness you have chosen to sit in? For in trying to fit Me inside your box, it is you yourselves who have placed yourselves into a box! How can I let you stay in the shadows when I gave My Son on the Cross to give you everlasting light?

"I will allow the wind, the waves and the water to sweep away your box, and then you will see that the beliefs you created are but cheap cardboard. I will hold out My hand to you, calling to you once again, so that you will not be swept away. But will you admit that your doctrines have been mere cardboard, repent and let Me save you by My hand? Or will you be swept away trying to gather and put back together the pieces of your package?"


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