Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Your Sins Have Been Condemned!"

"Your Sins Have Been Condemned!"

"My child, I know how well you can see your sins. I know how guilty you feel for every temptation you have. I know how overwhelmed, helpless and powerless you feel in sight of them.

"Do not be afraid! I have purchased you on the Cross, and you are Mine! Though your sins seem about to overwhelm you, in fact it is I who have already overwhelmed your sins! They are no longer your 'bottom line'.

"Now, the truest 'you' is in Me, whole, clean and pure. You are a new spirit in Me, and your sins are no longer 'you'. So don't focus on them and don't let them get you down. They may seem overwhelming, but you will not overwhelmed because My blood shed on the Cross stands between you and your sins.

"Live in knowledge of this."


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