Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Held By Dark Hands"

"Held By Dark Hands"

"Grief! Grief! My heart breaks for you, My children! I have valued your hearts and your faith above all other treasures in the earth, but you have given your hearts and your faith to beliefs that abuse you. I created you for joy and freedom, but and your hearts have been beaten and abused by legalism, and your faith has been uncertain because it was begun by your spiritual forefathers in error and confusion.

"How long will I allow you to be abused? How long will I let your hearts be mishandled by malevolent spirits? How long will I let them bring destruction and confusion into your lives?

"Hear Me, lying spirits and strongholds of darkness: I will rescue My sheep from you, and I will tear their hearts away from your hands. Their faith I will direct to the water of life instead of to your lies, and so My children shall have My rest instead of shadows and confusion."

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