Friday, June 10, 2011

"Made Perfect"

"Made Perfect"

"My sons and My daughters—My children:

"I am bringing you home! All of your hopes which have seemed so distant and far away have not been in vain, but shall come to pass. I will restore what has been lost. I will reunite those who have been parted. I will bring you to paradise.

"Do not be afraid, for I have been pleased to give you the Kingdom, and you have the Kingdom, even today! Do not be afraid to be certain about 'getting to heaven', because I have already put the Kingdom in you, and in Me you are already seated with My Father in heaven. Do not be afraid of not becoming 'perfected' on earth, for the only ones I have called 'perfected' are those who have left life on earth behind and come to be with Me.

"Behold, your heaven is certain! I am your eternal life, and you who believe on Me have crossed from death into life. I am your heaven, and when you have left behind your tent you will see Me in perfection. When you see Me as I am, I will perfect the faith I began in you and I will burn up the chaff with the unquenchable fire of My love for you.

"I am the God of the living: all are alive to Me whether they are in the body or away from the body. Those whose bodies sleep await the resurrection, just as all of creation awaits its renewal. But none who sleep await the salvation of their souls, for they have already been saved by My grace through faith. I authored their faith and I am the one who perfected their faith in Me—the perfect sacrifice who clothes them, by whose blood they have been made holy.

"My perfect ones are not those who perfected themselves, but they are children who came to Me as children, hailing Me as their Savior. I am He who only asked for mustard seeds, and I am He who calls My precious jewels home to Myself when their time on earth has finished.

"I am the keeper of your soul, and I am the keeper of the souls of sinners who have been made perfect and see My face today in paradise. I am He who receives the spirits of those who fall asleep in Me, and has not lost any that My Father has given to Me. I am He who clothes them today with My own heavenly dwelling until the time comes for them to be clothed with their own heavenly body, like My own.

"I am He who keeps in the shelter of My tent those who have left their own tent behind on earth. I am He who spreads the corner of My robe over you and calls you to forget your own house, your own tent, and by faith dwell in Mine. I am He who keeps in safety those who have been made perfect and those who are being made perfect, for by My sacrifice on the Cross I have already made them perfect once for all."


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