Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Veiled Beholding"

"Veiled Beholding"

"I know you are trying to focus on Me and My righteousness. I know you want to make it all about Me in your church. But the very fact that you have to go to so much effort to make it all about Means that it is not all about Me in your church. The fact that you have to evangelize My righteousness to each other so much means that My righteousness has not been the center of your church.

"I know you want to believe that your church has always been centered on Me, but the reality is that your church has been confused from the very beginning, and the confusion in its foundation has made it difficult to see Me and what I accomplished for you on the Cross.

"And even now, although you've begun to see Me through the veil, you're still afraid of taking off the veil. You're afraid of admitting your church's confusion, the conflict inside between its teachings and the gospel, and of recognizing the truth which will take away your pride and boast. You're afraid to disrobe.

"You can choose whether you will behold Me clearly or darkly as through a veil. Call out to Me and ask Me to remove any veils keeping you from beholding Me. Lay your pride on the altar."

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