Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"What Have I Done?"

"What Have I Done?"

"What do you see when you look at the Cross? A sign of My love for you, of how far I will go for you? Yes, that is part of it. But do you really know how far I have gone for you?

"I have not just taken away your past sins and then left you to keep the Law now that you know better. On the Cross I took your past, present and future sins! And I did not carry them halfway! I did not not carry them temporarily only to transfer them to another location. Nor did I did carry your sins on the Cross temporarily in order to see if you would obey the old covenant Law. I did not carry your sins halfway: I carried them all the way.

"I know you are going to mess up again. I know you aren't going to be 'perfect', and I know you'll feel like you've let Me down when you stumble. Listen to Me: you have not let Me down! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I have seen your future and your end. I know what you will say before you say it, I know what you will do before you do it. On the Cross I saw every choice you will make before you make it, and I chose to love you and die for you anyway!

"I am not afraid of your sins, and I am not afraid of your bad choices. I have already died for them, and I also died to set you free of being afraid of them. I didn't die on the Cross to shame you or to make you obey out of guilt for the rest of your life: I died on the Cross to free you from shame and guilt! I took your shame, and I took your guilt! I did not die on the Cross in order to make you go about hanging your head trying to be good and pretending you like it. I died to set you free. And so you are free!

"Come, look upon the Cross again. I am the Beginning and the End, and I am your beginning and end. I have taken care of you completely here! It is finished! Trust Me. I won't let you go. You don't have to earn this or become worthy of this. I've given it to you freely. I will carry you until the end."


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