Monday, May 23, 2011

"Everlasting is Everlasting"

"Everlasting is Everlasting"

"I am the Righteous One.
I am just, and I am justice.
I am mercy and I am love.

"Who can know hearts better than I?
Who can determine justice better than I?
Who can show more mercy than I—
I who died on the Cross for My enemies?

"Who determines the length and intensity of My fire?
Who created the spirit, soul and body,
and who searches out the eternity set there?
Who will dictate the terms of My judgment to Me?

"I have declared My words to you,
and I do not say one thing yet mean another.
Do not nullify My words,
but trust Me instead.

"When you cannot understand,
and when you cannot recognize My love,
trust My heart still.

"See My love for you engraved by nails on My hands!
Believe in My goodness,
even in My judgment."


See also: "Everlasting" (art link) and "What of the Lost?" (study)

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