Sunday, May 1, 2011



"Woe is coming to you who divide My body!
Woe is coming to you who lead My sheep astray!
Woe is coming to you who misuse knowledge to enslave the innocent!
Woe is coming to you who have practiced Law instead of Mercy!
Woe is coming to you who proclaim judgment but not for yourselves!

"Woe! because the day of darkness is coming to you when your foundation will be torn apart, and at that time you will know a despair greater than you have ever known before. For in that moment you will no longer be able to see Me, since you had believed in Me on top of your church's foundation.

"Remember! Remember when your foundation has fallen, remember the words your brothers and sisters in Christianity have tried to speak to you. Remember the grace that they spoke of in Me. Remember the 'rest in Jesus' they spoke of when you tried to convert them to the Sabbath.

"For though you have tried to draw My children away from Me, I know that you did not know what you were doing. I know that you have not known Me as you thought you did. And though you have continued the spiritual abuse your Adventist forefathers began, I still love you, long for you, and desire to pick you up from your darkness and hold you in My arms!

"Do not be afraid! I am with you! Though you cannot see Me, I am here! I am greater than your church! Come, find rest in Me—I am real! I am everything I said I was in My Word, and I am more! Come and I will show you the inheritance I have given you in My Son, and you will find rest for your souls—even in this darkest of hours for you! Come, arise, stand on your feet and repent. You need your pride no longer. And I will be your only glory, and you will know you are My pride and joy."


See also: "On the Steps"

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