Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"My People"

"My People"

"Can you hear My heart? Do you know how many people I have doing My will? Do you know how pleased I am with My people? Do you know what the burdens on My heart are?

"My people have always carried My heart. My people have always rested in Me and reached out in My love. My people have always been more concerned with others than with themselves or being recognized as being 'correct'. My people have always know that they are 'not the only ones', that I have other sheep not of their fold. My people have always known that the good news is about Me and not about them.

"Have you known the truth? Have you been setting people free? Have you felt 'free' yourselves? Have you realized that I hold My people securely in My hands, and no one can snatch them out?

"Can you see the faith in Me that sanctifies My people? Can your judgment by Law overrule the gospel of My grace? Can you declare that the seal of My approval is different from what I explicitly declared it to be—My own Spirit?

"Come, you have been defending yourselves long enough. Come find rest in Me alone, where you need not worry about vindication or proving yourselves. My people do not worry, and I want you to know the same faith and assurance that they do. I want you to be free of seeking your own glory, so that you can rest in Mine."

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