Monday, May 9, 2011

"At Home"

"At Home"

"I know you've been afraid of death. I know you've been afraid of deception. When Christians talk about going to be with Me after they die, to you it has sounded too good to be true. It has seemed too easy, too comfortable, too convenient. Like being saved, you were taught to believe that the truth must be more severe, that My ways must be more difficult, and anything too easy must be false. Anything that 'other churches' believe must be deception.

"But I am bigger than your fears. I am stronger than death and I am stronger than deception. I will not release My hold on you even when death should try to separate us. Because of what I accomplished for you on the Cross, suffering death and conquering it, your own death now only removes the veil of your flesh from between us. Instead of moving us further apart, being removed from the tent of your body brings us closer than while you were in your tent."


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  1. I just looked at the original but lesser-known verses for the hymn "Amazing Grace" and read this for the first time!--

    "Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
    And mortal life shall cease,
    I shall possess, within the veil,
    A life of joy and peace."