Thursday, May 19, 2011

"You Have Been Sanctified"

"You Have Been Sanctified"

"My child,

"You are never going to be holy enough. And you don't need to fear, because I have already loved you and accepted you! And I gave you My holiness. You are credited with My holiness, not with yours. For your sake I sanctified Myself, so that you might be sanctified in Me. Because I am holy, I have made you holy by My sacrifice once for all.

"Now that I have saved you and credited you with My righteousness, I will lovingly wash you many times—I will wash you with My words, telling you the truth of how I have loved you and saved you by My own power instead of by yours. I will take every fear hiding in the darkness, bring it into the light and give you peace by applying My love and truth to it. I will still your soul and give you rest from your fears and your striving. And so you will become more and more holy—pure and free in My love, cleansed by the truth of what I have done for you. But making you holy is My work, not yours. And your holiness is not the basis of your acceptance with Me.

"I sanctified you with My blood, shed for you on the Cross. No more sacrifice is necessary. You have been set apart as holy. You are Mine."


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