Tuesday, May 31, 2011



"My children,

"I am here. I am with you. I know the fears that you feel at night in the dark of your room. I know some of you have been openly harassed by the enemy, choked in the night, and terrorized by visions of things in your room. I know many of you have grown up and tried to move past these things, but that you are still afraid inside. Outwardly you must appear victorious, unafraid and unfazed, but alone at night you may suddenly feel like a terrified child again.

"I also know the frustration you have felt as you tried to drive away the fear. I know how you desperately spoke My name or tried to remember as many Bible verses as you could. I know how you clenched your eyes shut and repeated them to yourself as you tried to escape by falling asleep.

"I know the hidden pain behind the question you haven't been able to ask: 'Lord, why didn't it work?' You didn't ask Me the question, but you've really needed to ask it, because you've been doubting yourself and feeling responsible when it wasn't your fault. It was not you who opened the door to the enemy. But I will tell you how to close it and find rest in Me.

"Firstly I must tell you that the enemy cannot actually touch you. He can only scare you and try to frighten you. He is a toothless, declawed lion, because I triumphed over him on the Cross. I won the victory—it is finished!

"But you were not taught this; you were told that My death was only a symbol of My love, and that the real 'atonement' is happening in heaven. You were told that I and My angels are in a 'great controversy' against Satan and his angels, and that you must keep My law in order to vindicate Me in the end.

"You were taught that you had to keep the law. You had to memorize enough Scripture and 'truth' to keep from being deceived. You had to become perfect enough to stand before My Father without a mediator. The burden was placed on you. If you were harassed or fearful, you unconsciously felt that it must be because you weren't close enough to Me (because if you were, then these things wouldn't be happening). Moreover, no one else talked about these things and these fears, so you felt even more alone, and it subconsciously confirmed to you that you must be responsible.

"My children, My precious, beloved children! I am always with you, and I have always been with you. In Me you have already overcome the evil one, and in this world you overcome him by faith in Me. But the faith that was taught to you was not faith in Me, but rather to study hard and overcome through your own vigilance. You were taught to have faith in your own zeal, and your faith faltered because you couldn't keep up your zeal. The power of the enemy to deceive you was emphasized over and over more than My power to protect you from deception.

"I am not the author of that kind of 'faith'—the faith of your spiritual forefathers who founded your church. I am not the one who visited them with visions and revelations to teach them that 'faith'. I am not the one who opened the door for the evil one to harass their children and their children's children.

"But I am sovereign! I have brought you to where you are today to deliver you and set you free from every fear and harassment of the enemy. Yes, the enemy was devious in not only opening the door through demonic revelations to your spiritual forefathers, but also in crippling your knowledge of Me, of him, and of My victory over him (so that you could not have faith in what you had never heard). But I am bringing you into freedom now! What the enemy meant to use to destroy you, I will turn into a blessing in your life. Are you willing to be free?

"Call out to Me now, and ask Me to reveal to you the truth of My words in Scripture, that I have defeated the enemy at the Cross and that you are safe in My hands. Believe what I show you in Scripture. Do not try to harmonize it with what you were taught before—do not let the enemy dilute My words any longer! Then, in My name and in knowledge of My victory, stand!"


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