Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Safe From Being Misled"

"Safe From Being Misled" "Safe From Being Misled"

"My children,

"I know you have read things in Scripture that don't fit with your belief system. I know you have been hit with moments of doubt when you saw that My words didn't match with what you had been taught was the truth by your church. I know the answers that were given to you to explain the inconsistencies, and I know they didn't fully satisfy you, but I know you were afraid of what it could mean if the 'building' had a crack in it.

"Don't be afraid! I am not a system. I am not a systematic theology. I am not a set list of beliefs. I AM who I AM, and I AM who I AM regardless of what your church believes about Me. I will not change. You can trust Me. The church's belief system will fall, but I will remain.

"I am calling you to come be with Me. Don't be afraid, for I will not let you fall. I will not lead you astray. I will never leave nor forsake you, but I will guide you to springs of living water, and I will be a shelter and a shade for you in the heat of the day. I am not saying it will be easy, but I am saying that I will be with you no matter what you go through.

"You have held onto your church's beliefs because they seemed to be a place of safety, and you feared going outside because you did not want to be deceived and be lost. But your church's beliefs are cracked, and you know it. You are afraid of being deceived by spirits, but you have also been afraid of My Holy Spirit. Trust Me now. I AM the Holy Spirit. I AM God.

"Come out of the darkness of fear, and rest in Me."


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