Monday, May 9, 2011

"Keep Walking"

"Keep Walking"

"For those who have taken their first steps out of Egypt:

"I am with you! I have called you and you have heard Me calling! Do not be afraid, for I will guide you through the wilderness that lies ahead of you. At times you will naturally miss the comforts of the place you left behind, and your memory of the fellowship you shared in slavery will tempt you to return, forgetting the weight of the chains you once bore.

"But do not turn back, and do not be afraid. I have called you to freedom, and I have paid the ultimate price to secure your freedom—My Son! I have not given His precious blood only to abandon you in the desert, but I have allowed deserts to come into your life so that you may walk with Me closer than you ever have before.

"Walk with Me and lean on Me here in the desert; I will bring your desert to life and make this a place of rejoicing and fruitfulness."


See also: "Leaving Egypt Behind" (art link)

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