Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"My Hands For You"

"My Hands For You"

"You are not alone. Don't be afraid, and don't believe the enemy's lie that you are alone. Many of your brothers and sisters have been where you are now sitting. I know you can't see them right now, and I know that's hard. But trust Me: you are not alone.

"I know you feel confused and lost and there are times when you think you can't take anymore. Hold onto Me and don't give up faith in Me, even when you are confused about Me because of what you have been taught. Keep calling to Me, for I always hear. I have always heard you and I have never turned My ear away from you. My love has always been with you and surrounding you. It is not your fault that you have not been able to sense My nearness, but it will take some time to come out of the fog that has been laid upon you by the teachings you have been under.

"I am always with you, and I am sending you brothers and sisters—family in Me—who will be My hands to lay My love on you and share My heart with you. Many of My people are praying for you even now. Do not be afraid if they seem to be a long time in coming to you, but trust Me even in this. I will keep you and sustain you.

"Many of your brothers and sisters are in the same place as you are, but you have not yet begun to walk together. When I judge that the time is right, I will bring you alongside one another to support each other, and to help others who are just beginning to take their first steps into freedom from the same fog that you have been under."


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