Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Locked Out (No Room For My Spirit!)"

"Locked Out"

"I stand at the door and knock, but you have locked Me out! With your doctrines you claim to have built a perfect place for Me to dwell, but in truth you have built them up because you have been so afraid of being deceived. You believe that your safety and your approval in My sight are because of the correctness of your doctrines, and once you've arranged them you do not want them to be changed. In trying to lock the door against deception, you don't realize that you have also locked Me out.

"You believe you have locked out spirits of darkness with your 'superior' construction of doctrines and systematic theology. But I see many among you who are held captive to the spirits of the enemy which have been loose among you, because superior doctrines and systematic theology cannot drive out the enemy; only My Spirit can. Only My Spirit can give you rest and peace from your fears of being lost and of not pleasing me."

"No Room For My Spirit"

"But you have made My Spirit, too, into a doctrine—into just another part of your beliefs in your theological system. You have mathematically arranged My words from Scripture into your own equations, in order to prove that your house is well-built and that I am at home with you more than in any other house. Yet deep inside part of you knows that I am bigger than your doctrinal house of cards, and that if you allow Me to come be Myself, your house of doctrines might be severely damaged or even done away with.

"I wait outside your locked door. Will you let Me in? Yes, I will change your house and I will knock down walls you have built. But I will also take away your darkness and your fear. Your house will not appear as theologically or systematically 'safe', but you will have peace and safety because My Spirit will be among you, and I will give you rest."


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