Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Rest in Me"

"Rest in Me"

"I am your Sabbath, in the midst of all your troubles, stresses, worries, burdens and fears. I am your Sabbath in the midst of the grief you feel because of bad things you've done and because of the sins you just can't seem to get rid of completely. I am your Sabbath in the midst of consequences you endure because of bad choices you've made and mistakes you were responsible for.

"I am your Sabbath-rest here at the Cross. I bring you rest through no effort of your own, but through what I did for you by Myself on the Cross. I bring you peace through My own love for you, not through your love for Me. You don't have to prove how much you love Me to receive My love. You don't have to get yourself 'clean' first for Me to accept you. I love you just as you are, and I will heal your broken heart and wash away your griefs with My love.

"Come, rest in Me. Rest in My love for you. I Myself am your Sabbath."

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