Monday, May 2, 2011

"I AM Your Peace!"

"I AM Your Peace!"

"I know how you feel inside. The rest of the world may not see it, the people in your church may not see it. But I know. And I don't condemn you.

"You've been under a lot of pressure. You've had to look like you have it all together. You've had to try to be 'the remnant'—part of a people who had 'the truth' more than everybody else. You've had to try to believe that the weight of the Law was not too much for you, that it was a joy to you. And you've thought you had to be an 'example' to everyone else to shine My light. But inside you feel like the man in this picture.

"I never asked you to be 'the remnant'. I never gave you 'special light' or laid such a heavy burden on you. I laid that burden on My Son, and on Him alone! He is your peace! He is the special One! He is the only Light, the only special truth, the Chosen One!

"You don't need to carry any more 'special' baggage—it has been a burden too heavy for you to bear. Whether you admit it or not, it is tearing you apart inside, and it is doing the same to those around you even though you can't see it from the outside.

"You will never find peace in your 'truths', in your unique doctrines or in your church's special 'messages'. You will only find peace in Me alone. But do not try to mix My Light with your 'light', or you will only end up with more confusion and less peace than if you cling to Me alone. I am calling you to find rest in Me alone, and to rest from your 'works'—from your doctrines, your unique beliefs, your special 'remnant' claims. You will know Me as your complete Sabbath-peace when you cease from these works enter My rest by faith alone."


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