Saturday, May 14, 2011



"My beloved,

"Come, let Me wash you in a way that you have never been washed before. Up to now you have been taught that I demanded spotlessness from you, that it was your job to wash yourself instead of Mine, and that I will reject you if you are not clean enough for Me.

"Listen to the truth: I am not washing you in order to accept you, but I am washing you because I have already accepted you! I loved you and cherished you so much that I gave My life to purchase you while you were still sinful, dirty and blemished. Now that I have purchased you, I want to make you radiant. I want to see you full of My joy, overwhelmed in My love and at peace in every way. I want you to be free to be who I made you to be. I want to set your heart at rest, casting out all fears of rejection and punishment with My perfect love.

"I want to see you smile as you see My face smiling lovingly at you! I want to see your face and hear your voice, for your face is lovely to Me and your voice is sweet to My ears. Come, be at rest. I will wash you as a husband lovingly and tenderly washes His bride."

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