Tuesday, May 17, 2011



"I have won! I have triumphed! I am victorious over every demon, spirit, principality and power of darkness! None can stand against Me, and none can snatch you out of My hand.

"Yet you have lived in fear of deception and afraid of the powers of darkness. This is because the enemy crept in and sowed lies at your church's foundation, saying that My victory was not yet complete, and that final victory—and even My own vindication—depended on you. Your church was built on these lies, and since then generations of its children have been helpless in the darkness, terrified of the power of demons.

"Be free of the lies of the enemy! Behold, I made a public spectacle of him when I triumphed over him at the Cross—and so it is finished! You are now hidden safe in Me—do not believe the lies of the enemy any longer!"


See also: "He Shall Reign" (art link)

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