Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Broken For Rescue"

"Broken For Rescue"

"I am full of grace and mercy, I am longsuffering and compassionate. Because of My great love for you, I will not allow your boast to continue.

"Your spiritual forefathers built your church of their own making, and boasted that it was a firm platform, solid and impenetrable, and its truth greater than that of all other churches. And so your forefathers called people to leave their churches and come sail on your ship instead, teaching that your church's truth was so mighty it could never be sunk.

"Your forefathers rebelled against Me, ignoring My words and building their ship according to their own design. I called them to repent, but they only strengthened their rebellion by building their ship stronger and larger. Their unique 'truths' were enlarged and centered upon, while the pillars of faith in Me were marginalized and set aside.

"Behold, your ship will be broken so that you may be rescued. I will be near, but the loss of your ship will terrify many of you. I will set you afloat in the ocean of My love, the sea of My endless grace, from which your spiritual forefathers sought to rise above in their pride. Do not be afraid, for I am watching over you."

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