Monday, May 16, 2011

"My Salvation"

"My Salvation"

"My children, I have told you that you are saved by what I have done for you on the Cross—why haven't you believed Me? I wrote in the Scriptures through My Spirit in purposefully clear terms that I have saved you, and that you may rejoice because I have saved you.

"I have not written in Scripture that you are saved only to turn around and tell you that you are forbidden from uttering those words. I have not spoken through any prophet contradicting what I wrote clearly in Scripture: that you have been saved by My grace.

"Do not be afraid! It is not presumption to take Me at My word! Cast aside whatever lies people have spoken presumptuously in My name, saying that you dare not agree with My words in Scripture. Cast the lies aside and rest on the truth of My words in Scripture: you are saved. Say it, believe in Me, and rest in Me. For I am the Lord and I do not lie."


See also: "Faith or Fear?" (study introduction)

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