Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Paid in Full"

"Paid in Full"

"Yes, I paid your debt in full! I have told you plainly—why has it been hard for you to see?

"You are frightened and scared because you have not known the Scriptures. You have been told that My words were difficult to understand and confusing at times. You have been taught that what My servants wrote about 'the law' could not mean what it said. Therefore you have clung to the law—and your righteousness—for fear of being deceived and lost, instead of being comforted and entering the peace of resting in My finished work.

"Come, let go of your fear. Trust Me that I will protect you and not let you fall. Look again at My words. Ask Me for the faith to take Me at My word—to let My words mean what they say."


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