Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Lord of the Sabbath"

"Lord of the Sabbath"

"I am the Lord of the Sabbath.
I am the One who gives you rest.
I am the One who makes you holy.

"Who has dwelt on high?
Who has ascended to heaven?
Who has ridden on the clouds into glory?

"I am the First and the Last.
I am the Creator of all things.
I am He who does not grow tired or weary.

"I am He who made the Sabbath for ancient Israel,
—not for Myself—
but to point them to Myself,
because I was to come
and bring them into My rest;
for though they kept Sabbath days
they had not yet entered—
they had only known shadows of My rest.

"I am He to whom the Sabbath pointed them,
to whom the testimony of the Old Covenant points;
for though the Old Covenant has passed away,
it still testifies to all mankind
that I am He.

"I am the Lord of Sabbath-rest,
I am He of whom the promise spoke.
I am rest for your souls.
I am your sanctification.
I am your heaven."


See also: "Christ, the Substance of the Two Shadows"

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