Monday, May 16, 2011



"You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Your whole being—marvelous in My sight—is more multi-dimensional than you have known: I have given you a spirit, a soul, and a body.

"You have known your body, and you have devoted the majority of your attention to the body. Your soul has seemed less tangible but still easy to wrap your mind around. But you have not known of your spirit, because you have been taught that spirit is physical breath.

"But I am spirit, and so are you. I am the Father of your spirit. My Spirit gave birth to your spirit when you first believed in My Son. Just as My Spirit is eternal, so too your spirit is eternal, housed in your soul just as your soul is housed in your body. Death brings an unnatural division of your being, tearing your spirit and soul from your body, which sleeps. But your spirit and soul never cease to exist, just as My Spirit never ceases to exist. And though your body may be destoryed, I will clothe you with a new imperishable body at the resurrection.

"Behold! I have made you in My image—you are one, but you are three-part beings."


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