Friday, May 27, 2011

"Wholly Accepted"

"Wholly Accepted"

"My dear child, I am so pleased that you want to give your life to Me! I know you barely understand all the things you've studied, and I know you aren't completely sure what it is you're doing and what 'baptism' does.

"Don't worry! You can't see it, but you've given your heart to Me, and I have gladly accepted it—I have gladly accepted you! Not because of the things you've learned and not because of how much you've understood. No, instead I have accepted you because I love you—you're My child! All I wanted was your heart, and you gave it to Me—it's Mine now! (And I'm not giving it back!)

"Don't doubt yourself and your heart—whether you gave it really and wholly or not, or whether you have some sin you didn't remember. Don't worry because I've accepted you not on the basis of your perfect heart, but rather on the basis of what My Son did for you on the Cross! (That's what baptism is all about—it's all about Jesus!)"

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